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Happy Friday GLAD WORKS friends! Our team has put together a collection of links to some great stuff from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

Kristen: Eat Bile Beans to stay fit and slim? Mmmm delicious! Bathe with Obesity Soap? Feed your infant sugary soda? Wow!  Health and weight loss advertising has come a looooong way, baby!  Check out these old ads and be amazed we're all still alive.

Liz: Think all those Sh*t people say videos are hiilarious?  Grab some tissues and be prepared to hug your kids after watching Sh*t Kids Say--a video spotlighting child abuse.

Mattie: This is a great collection of examples of packaging that's designed to appeal to hipsters.  I actually find all of it really attractive.  I have to go re-evaluate my life now.  I think I might be a hipster...are you?

Melyssa: Hold on to your e-books, people! LG just unveiled a flexible plastic e-paper display that promises to revolutionize e-books as we know them. It's gonna be a whole new world!

Many of us do too! Could it be that we're ALL hipsters deep down inside? Nah! It can't be. RIGHT?

i really identify with the hipster marketing, sad to say.

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