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5 Ways to Thrive Not Just Survive Somehow

November 6, 2015


Even if you've never seen the AMC television show, The Walking Dead, you've at least heard of it—unless of course you've been hiding out in an RV or on an old farm for a while. We've been talking about it around the water cooler lately and discovered that even though the characters on the show are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse; there are a lot of similarities between that and being a success in business and in life. Here are our favorites.

Get Your Nom Face On: 5 Superfoods that Boost Creativity

April 27, 2015


Everyone hits a creative slump every once in a while, and when you feel tired and uninspired, it's very hard to get back into the right frame of mind. Luckily, there are some foods that you can eat that will help get those ideas flowing again in just a few minutes. The good news is that they're all readily available, affordable, and some even justify your vices! Get your grocery list ready!

3 Hot B2B Trends You Cannot Afford to Miss!

April 1, 2015


We're always trying to keep our finger on the pulse of what's new and what's hot. It's the only way to monitor the constantly evolving B2B landscape as well as help keep you abreast of the things you'll need to consider in order to stay relevant. There are a few things we've noticed lately that we thought would be important to share with you. The good news is that they may already be on your radar, and if not, they should be!

5 Ways to Create Value for Your Customers

March 23, 2015


As business people, part of our job is to understand what value means to our customers. It's not about selling them great products or providing superior services. People don't want those things. What they want is the end result—what those products and services are going to get for them. This is why we have to understand the idea of value and create that for our customers. If we don't, somebody else will and we'll be left far behind!

What you Didn't Know About E-mail Newsletters

March 9, 2015


These days with so many social media outlets to use, it would seem like email campaigns are dinosaurs, but the truth is that e-mail newsletters are one of the most effective ways to build relationships with your customers and drive sales. In fact, a recent survey done by StrongView reveals that 60.66% of marketers plan to increase their email marketing budgets over the next year. That's far from being a dinosaur! Just think about your own habits and you'll know this to be true. You probably read every subject line in your inbox, but you likely don't read every tweet in your Twitter feed. Email works for many businesses and it can absolutely work for you!

The Oscars: Glitter, Glamour and Marketing

February 26, 2015


The Oscars have been a marvelous celebration of Hollywood's cinematic successes since 1929. With each year, the awards ceremony seems to be a bigger deal than the last and more brands are stepping forward to get a piece of the action. In the same way that the Super Bowl is as much about the commercials as it is the game, the Oscars are as much about the marketing opportunities it presents as it is about celebrating great achievements in film. 

Come read! 

The Lowdown on the Showdown Between Adobe Flash and HTML5

February 18, 2015


Adobe Flash has been the standard that has animated the web since the early days. But now, it's showing some security vulnerabilities as well as some cumbersome and outdated functionality. Many websites still rely on it, but is it time to say goodbye to the old standby in favor of something a little more nimble like HTML5? 

If Celebrities Were Fonts, What Fonts Would They Be?

February 12, 2015




We talk a lot about how to use fonts to help you present information in a way that makes sense for your particular project. You may hear us explain the difference between serif and sans serif. We may talk about script and how it should be used sparingly instead of in the body copy. Fonts have different functions and levels of clarity and readability but they also have personalities. All of these things come together to make the role of a font a very crucial one in the success of any design project.  Just for fun, we went around the studio and asked the team: If your favorite celebrity were a font, what font would they be? Here's what we had to say.

5 Things to Consider When Outsourcing Content Marketing

January 21, 2015


The influence traditional marketing has on consumers these days is changing, but this does not mean that all hope for traditional marketing methods is lost. You absolutely should not abandon them, but they need to be augmented with content marketing. It's a great way of communicating with your audience without overtly selling anything. Instead, it delivers information that makes your potential customers more informed and establishes you as an expert with the highest quality products or services.

Trouble is, who has the time to strategize and write all of that stuff? Here's where outsourcing your content marketing makes sense, but there are some things to consider before choosing an outside agency to help you.

Elements of Great Packaging Design

January 14, 2015


While we were deciding what to write about this week, Adam said he was in the mood for something light and fluffy which made Juli think of pancakes which made Emily think of food and packaging design, and so here we are. The creative process at work AND a blog post about pretty boxes of marvelous things that make us want to buy them. BAM!