Cool Stuff From The Web

The miserable weather we've been having in Rhode Island this week is finally clearing up!  We're all ready for some fun in the sun this weekend, but before we run off, we put together a little list of cool stuff from around the Internet for you to enjoy!

Brittany: Grace Hopper, an American pioneer computer scientist and United States Navy officer, will inflict her wrath from beyond the grave upon anyone who says that women can't be programmers in this awesome comic by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Kristen: It's no fair, I say! These Alpacas have nicer hair than me! One of them even looks like Taylor Lautner! Who knew they were such supermodels?

Liz: On Tuesday, August 7th, between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm, people will be able to watch kids from the ages of two to five building with Duplo blocks either through the windows of department stores or on a website where they can watch in real time and guess what the kids are building. I want to play!!

Mattie: I'm really digging this art work! It's beautiful and there's a suprising amount of depth to it.

Happy Friday everyone!

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