As business people, part of our job is to understand what value means to our customers. It's not about selling them great products or providing superior services. People don't want those things. What they want is the end result—what those products and services are going to get for them. This is why we have to understand the idea of value and create that for our customers. If we don't, somebody else will and we'll be left far behind!



It's that magical time of year, friends! The holiday season is in full swing and if you're an online retailer, getting your website ready for a successful buying season is imperative. Here are a few quick things to consider that can help out a lot.




When we're not busy working, we're busy getting ready to work. That means we're busy filling our cups with steaming espresso, meticulously arranging our desks, making a huge mess of papers covered in sketches, or creating a "to do" list.

Each of us has a routine, and a few things we absolutely have to have or our workday is just going to be a giant bummer.

Here are the GLAD WORKS must haves.




You see our names in emails and get very official documentation, but how much do you really know about our office culture?  Not a lot. We share some things here and there on Facebook, but other than that, you don't get to see or hear too much about what the daily workings are like. As a group of creatives who are also friends and kind of like a little family, we enjoy working together. We have fun days and mini contests that help the team bond. Today, we'll share last week's fun with you.




Life can be rough sometimes, can't it?  It seems like wherever you go, there's some negativity you've got to deal with. Maybe you met a friend for lunch and all they did was complain. You received harsh criticism or lost a big client. Wherever that negativity is coming from, you've got to shake it off. We love the new Taylor Swift song because it's an anthem for getting rid of all the bad stuff so you can embrace the good.  

When you have a negative experience, it's like a low-level psychic attack that can throw you off track—destroying your confidence, distracting you from your goals or just plain p***ing you off. You don't need any of that, so shake it off.




You are crazy sick insane busy. And all of our posts about how to do your SEO and how to write good copy and run social media can be a little bit annoying if you’re just trying to find enough time in your day to eat lunch never mind learn new stuff, are we right?  Well, what would happen if you outsourced some of those detail-y things you’re so busy doing so you can carve out a little time to, oh, we don’t know, pay attention to your business?

 Here’s a list of 5 things you can take off your plate right now so that you can free up a little bandwidth and get down to what you set out to do.



At GLAD WORKS, we believe that doing business isn’t one-dimensional. You have to step outside your own area of focus at times in order to cultivate and excel within the relationships that will ultimately support your business success. That’s why we make it our business to know our client’s business. We invest time to understand their industry so that we can gain insight into their daily challenges as well as the ones they face in the future. This is how we make customers happy and create lasting relationships.




American Horror Story is an anthology TV series that explores life in different types of “haunted houses” in American culture. The first season took place in a home with a dark history, the next season in an insane asylum and now, in the third season, it’s in a witch coven in New Orleans.

Over three hundred years have passed since the Salem witch trials and only a few powerful witches are left. Under attack by unknown forces and facing extinction, the young girls in the coven are left to defend themselves, but they must function as a team or face devastation, much like life in the business world. But what makes for a great team and what can a television show possibly teach us about that?

Let’s check it out, witches!




You are very much like us, GLAD WORKS friends. You have a business to run. You have a life outside of your business to run. You may even have a couple of kids or Chihuahuas to take care of. Maybe, if you’re like Gina, you throw in some sports training here and there just to keep things interesting and…nuts. Lots of people ask us how Gina manages to run her successful business while at the same time training hardcore for athletic competitions. Well?  She applies what keeps her in good condition at the gym to her professional life. Wanna hear about it?  Here’s how it goes…