Gina Dispirito - Creative Director

Gina DiSpirito -Creative Director. Founder. Principal.


Graduating top of her concentration from Providence College with a degree in Humanities and minor in graphic design, DiSpirito has created for such corporate icons as Disney, Hasbro and AAi.FosterGrant. In 1995, ready to go it alone, DiSpirito founded GLAD WORKS. Her stunning design flair, boundless imagination and rare ability to distill our clients' dreams seamlessly onto the page allow GLAD WORKS to do what we do best: ‘explore the possibilities.'

From conservative to cutting-edge design, corporate i.d. to product design and packaging, DiSpirito relishes the variety of designing for many types of projects in many different styles, constantly evolving and keeping our house style fresh. Heavily involved in the community, she has served as Board member to numerous local and regional arts and human services organizations — dedicating herself and GLAD WORKS to countless hours of probono support and service.

Enjoying immense amounts of creative opportunities and rewarding community involvement, she has proudly garnered public recognition, such as a two-time inclusion in Providence Business News' Top Forty Under 40, the EFNE Entrepreneurship Award, the Encore Award for Outstanding Small Business Support in the Arts, and various other design and professional awards throughout her career. Other high profile clients DiSpirito has designed for include Brooks Pharmacy, Delta Dental, AAA, CVS/Lifespan, FDNY, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Kaiser Permanente.

Creative Director. Founder. Principal.
Adam Harvey - Technology Director. Principal.

Adam Harvey -Technology Director. Principal.


While most kids were playing with Transformers and Stretch Armstrong, Harvey was coding on his first computer, and he's never looked back. A graduate of Youngstown State's Computer Information Systems program, Harvey helped develop both the first ISP in Ohio and some of the Internet's very first websites. He was an IT Director in the corporate world before bringing his technical expertise to GLAD WORKS in 1999.

With a background in web development, programming, e-commerce, search engine optimization, social media, mobile technologies and all things technical, Harvey keeps GLAD WORKS at the forefront of the e-Industrial Revolution. As head of business development, Harvey offers our clients cutting-edge innovation and cost-effective solutions paired with good, straight-talking know-how.

In his career, Harvey has engineered technical solutions for groups like the American Heart Association, Block Island Ferry, Christmas Tree Shops, Fire Department of New York, Gulf Oil, Hasbro, Kaiser Permanente, L’Oreal, and Waterfire Providence.

Technology Director. Principal.
Trish Coulter - Account Manager

Trish Coulter -Accounts Team Manager.


The first word that comes to mind when we think of Coulter is "diverse." With a wonderful wealth of life, travel, and work experiences she is well versed for the wide range of clients and industries that she works with at GLAD WORKS.

As a BFA graduate in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design, Coulter also holds a few more surprises up her sleeve! She approaches her work with the eye of an artist, the organization of a project manager, and the interpersonal skills of a talented diplomat.

She spent many years as a "beltway bandit" in Washington, DC working for The Missile Defense Agency, Veterans Affairs, TRICARE and The Armed Services Blood Program. More recently, she worked as an account manager in the tech sector for MOO, a fast growing print and design company. Coulter's 10+ years of experience in print, project management, technology and advertising culminate to enhance her vision and keen eye for detail—all helping her to deliver successful and efficient projects here at GLAD WORKS.

Having had the fortune of living in seven different countries throughout her life, Coulter is never afraid to meet new people—in fact, it’s her love for people and natural sense of curiosity that drives her to 'explore the possibilities' for her clients every day. 

Accounts Team Manager.
Sherri Centracchio Account Manager

Sherri Centracchio -Account Manager.


If there is a successful business open and growing in the state, there is a very good chance that Centracchio has first-hand knowledge about it!

Centracchio came to GLAD WORKS as a highly creative and goal-oriented economic development professional with 24 years of experience in the Rhode Island public sector. She combines a strong work ethic with a commitment to excellence and a passion for improving the business climate wherever she sets up shop!

In multiple roles at Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, she worked with public, private, and non-profit partners to create conditions for businesses in all sectors to thrive. Centracchio successfully aided dozens of individuals in realizing their dream of owning a business in Rhode Island, including one company that now staffs over 200 employees.

As the State of Rhode Island’s first Small Business Ombudsman, she advocated for businesses and helped navigate them through the regulatory process. Centracchio was appointed to the role by Governor Chafee in 2010 and, by June of 2012, coordinated all licenses needed on a state and local level for the America’s Cup World Series and the Volvo Ocean Race in 2015.

Account Manager.
Elyse Major

Elyse Major -Account Manager. Social Media Writer.


A devoted Rhode Islander and social media/branding enthusiast, Major comes to
GLAD WORKS with over twenty years of advertising and public relations experience. Major is known for being an avid supporter of and evangelist for local small businesses – especially those dealing with flowers and pastries.

From building community relationships, to project management, to marketing conception and distribution, Major has a wealth of diverse skills, positioning her perfectly as an account manager with a strong creative touch. She’s mastered the ability to come into a meeting and manage each project on her plate, while also coming up with fresh ideas on the spot.

At GLAD WORKS Elyse will be utilizing her host of talents to both manage accounts as well as lend her pen towards social media copywriting. Major has authored two books of her own, as well as co-authoring a third and has contributed features and tutorials to countless magazines. This cements her status in both the left and right brain, able to think effectively in both the management and creative worlds. Her passion for inspiring others to create is one that’s certainly a MAJOR influence to the rest of the office.

Account Manager. Social Media Writer.
Taylor Pickering - Traffic Manager

Taylor Pickering -Traffic Manager.


To keep an agency full of creatives and problem-solvers on task, sometimes it takes a true multi-tasker.

Pickering comes to GLAD WORKS after years of experience in business process and strategic planning roles. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Rhode Island, Pickering obtained dual bachelor’s degrees in Applied Economics and Biological Sciences—all on a full Centennial Scholarship! Dedicated to his craft, Pickering returned to URI and got his MBA in Strategic Innovation.

Outside of mastering academia, Pickering put his education to use, landing a Strategic Planning role at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Providence. The position required communication with leadership to refine process and improve workflow. He also excelled in positions as an Analytical Chemist and an MBA consultant, helping entrepreneurs maximize production and business.

If your project timeline can be perfected, Pickering will know just how to do it—he was pretty much “taylor-made” for traffic management!

Traffic Manager.
Mattie Wells

Mattie Wells -Design Manager. Illustrator. Creative Team Lead.


With a robust experience base, Wells helps to expand GLAD WORKS' best-in-class creative resources. With a BFA from Montserrat College of Art with a focus in illustration as well as a graphic design certificate from Salem State College, Wells brings a creative flair all of her own to her projects. Before joining the GLAD WORKS team she was busy teaching at her alma mater and provided original design for groups throughout the region, including Quayside Publishing Group in Beverly, MA; Black Lobster Restaurant in Salem, MA; and Tony B's Honey in Suffield, CT. A well rounded graphic artist and illustrator, Wells's outstanding talent, solid production skills and quality customer service continue to illustrate the GLAD WORKS difference in all she does.

Design Manager. Illustrator. Creative Team Lead.
Matt Salvadore - Senior Web Developer

Matt Salvadore -Technology Manager. Web Team Lead.


A Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Johnson & Wales University Computer Graphics and New Media program, Salvadore brings his diverse qualifications to GLAD WORKS as a web developer. His proficient knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Flash, Drupal, and Wordpress Content Management Systems is creatively framed by his aptitude for design. Ambitious to begin his career, Salvadore began garnering experience while still in college, devoting himself to internships in the advertising world. Committing to his passion for web design and development, he transitioned into a full-time position with one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, The Hartford. While with the Hartford, Salvadore continued to expand his talent and experience by developing and implementing websites focused on information architecture, usability and innovative design. Now, reconnecting even more with his creative side, Salvadore brings to GLAD WORKS a unique left brain/right brain approach to web development. With that approach, combined with his warm demeanor and can-do attitude, Salvadore gets the job done... with style!

Technology Manager. Web Team Lead.
Kyle Berard - Designer. Illustrator.

Kyle Berard -Designer. Illustrator.


Being a native Rhode Islander, Berard began to catch the spark of design inspiration while growing up amidst our state’s rich creative culture. But when the time came for college, he decided to expand his horizons a bit, heading west to the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles. With his original focus on animation, once there he found himself pursuing fine arts as well. Having successfully diversified his artistic view, Berard felt his east coast roots calling him back, so he transferred to the University of Rhode Island's College of Arts and Sciences where he received his BA in Fine Arts.

Having a true affinity for both technology and art, Berard had found his career calling as a graphic designer. With passion and drive, he stepped into an entrepreneurial role immediately following college—a spirit we love here at GLAD WORKS seeing how we were founded in a similar fashion! In this new pursuit, Berard found himself wearing many different hats and gained an invaluable wealth of experience working with, and understanding, clients. He understands that it takes a true balance of inspiring design, good customer service, and organized project management to deliver a truly successful project.

It’s these combined skills that make Berard an exceptional member of our Creative team. Oh—and did we forget to mention that he’s one phenomenally talented illustrator too? 

Designer. Illustrator.
Zoey Moyal

Zoey Moyal -Designer


To be a successful designer requires innovation. It takes a level of resourcefulness that allows her to adapt to any situation that comes across her desk. And, of course, no small amount of talent. Moyal epitomizes those traits.

A Summa Cum Laude graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island College, Moyal began to hone her career skills while in school through the SA Marketing Department—a student-run advertising agency. Her ambition and enthusiasm for design inspired her to create and launch a magazine for Rhode Island College’s art program, which led to an increase in the number of applicants the following year. Moyal continued riding the momentum. She started at her career right away, working as a graphic designer for the global accessories company, FGX International. Acquainting herself with the ins and outs of marketing, licensing, point-of-purchase, packaging, and print communications, Moyal cemented a true passion for branding. With her skills constantly on the rise and experience spanning from print to digital, corporate to retail, she brings a well-rounded approach to her designs—and awareness of how they will achieve their marketing goals.

After work, Moyal goes home to two dogs, an iguana, eight chickens, ten ducks, 2 geese, and eighteen sugar gliders. Needless to say, she’s a professional when it comes to managing multiple projects at once.

Steven Cano - Web Developer

Steven Cano -Web Developer.


With an unparralled love for ones and zeros, Cano jumped into the world web developing and never looked back. A self-starter right out of the gate, he taught himself a variety of programming languages, web platforms, and software suites while attending Rhode Island College for Computer Science. He had definitely found the right career path to feed his passion!

In a few short years, Cano’s fast learning curve paid off and landed him an internship at a Providence-based design studio. With ambition leading the way, that opportunity quickly grew into a Senior Web Designer position. Web development became a puzzle that he had to solve, and he was drawn to finding the perfect solution. It was while working for this studio that Cano developed a passion to find creative and functional digital solutions that would help businesses grow.

And that is the very spirit that he brings to GLAD WORKS, our clients, and their projects!

Web Developer.
Derek Feuti

Derek Feuti -Copywriter.


A graduate of Rhode Island College with a BA in English and Creative Writing, Feuti discovered his passion and unique ability to put words together in a meaningful way while still in school. The seeds of his career were planted during his first internship at MIT Press, where he learned the ins and outs of proofreading and copyediting. Then his ambition really grew when he was given the opportunity to intern at Minnesota Monthly. It’s here that Feuti focused both his talents and efforts toward his love for copywriting—and began writing his own future.

Working for the RI Department of Education as both a short and long-term substitute teacher, Feuti brought his enthusiasm and creativity to the classroom. He learned to be adept with time management and schedules, understanding that every day had its own set of goals to be met and could pose new challenges to overcome. (These experiences were serving him well for his future in the ad world!)

In the advertising game, it’s all about character—character development that gives voice and personality to brands in need. And that just happens to be Feuti’s specialty. His process begins with the study of people; understanding the subtle details of how they act, what they want, and what that means for your brand. A campaign can’t achieve success unless it understands its target audience. So Feuti expertly develops the characters, crafts the plots, and then weaves together the full story—getting you to your goals!

In addition to his creative and blog writing, Feuti is a self-published novelist who always manages to have a few manuscripts in the works. When he isn’t working, Feuti spends his time reading, writing, watching movies, and ever-pursuing that fabled spot on the New York Times Bestseller List. It’s this kind of unwavering dedication to his craft that makes Feuti the “write” fit for the GLAD WORKS team.

Tim Marshall

Tim Marshall -Photographer/Videographer.


Marshall was given his first camera when he was in the second grade, and has been developing his craft ever since. After graduating from Rhode Island College with a BFA in Photography, he continued to advance his skills through hard work and ambition. Transitioning his college internship into a staff postion with East Bay Newspapers, Marshall earned a reputation for being a real “Johnny-on-the-spot”. Whether it was breaking news, weather events, sports, or political campaigns, he had that uncanny ability to capture those moments that matter the most.

His experiences with News photography inspired him to help co-found a company, East Bay Video, where he worked as the Videographer/Lead Editor, producing work that aired on PBS and the RI International Film Festival. Through this outlet, Marshall published photos with the Barrington Town Calendar and Providence Journal—while still managing to find time to work the Rhode Island College Presidential Inauguration.

Once his passion for digital imaging started rolling, it just never stopped. He has an eye for photographic composition and cinematography in his soul… and that is precisely what makes him such a great fit with the GLAD WORKS creative team. We’ve got the right on-screen chemistry!