S.E.Oh My, This is Pretty Helpful

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The confetti’s been swept up. All that’s left of the champagne bottles are the few corks still lingering on people’s desks as souvenirs. It was a fun launch. That was months ago. Unfortunately, it’s also where the party ended. So why isn’t anyone coming to the site? The answer may be SEO…


What Is Success?

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Everyone approaches a task with a different set of goals in mind. It all depends on what you’re looking to accomplish over the day, week, month, or even year-long timeframe. They decide on a business model and work towards making it a reality. But what are they actually working towards? At GLAD WORKS, we found that the answer will vary depending on who you ask, and what they need at the time. There are a few staples, though, that carry over from client to client.


7 Mad Men Quotes That Applied Both Then and Now

09 October 2017   GLAD WORKS     0 Comments

Smoke wafts up from the cigarette between his fingers. The ember is dulled, buried beneath a layer of ash, but burning all the same. With a flick of his finger, the excess ash lands amidst the rest in the small ceramic tray on his desk. In his other hand he swirls a glass, causing the sole ice cube inside to clink against the sides. He brings the cigarette to his lips. The ember burns bright for a moment’s inhalation before being cloaked by a cloud of exhaled tobacco. The man is sitting back in his chair. To the rest of the world he appears to be doing nothing more than waiting to leave. To everyone in the office, though, he’s polishing up his next big pitch.


Fast & Furious & Corona: The Story of Product Placement in Film

18 September 2017   GLAD WORKS     0 Comments

“I’m more of a Corona man.”

The sirens are far off now, no more than a faded memory lost to the streets of Los Angeles. The two men have slowed to a walk. Tonight’s threat has passed. Their hearts are still catching up, beating in rhythm with the music emanating from the house in front of them. Inside, the scene stands in stark contrast to the journey that’s brought them to this point. Nearly two dozen men and women are dancing and laughing and otherwise enjoying themselves in a familiar place. A home. One of the two men addresses a partygoer before returning with a bottle. “You can have any brew you want,” Dom says, handing the beer to Brian. “…as long as it’s a Corona.”


Competitive Advertising and Why It’s Important

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There’s a competitive gene in everyone. We all remember those times a family game of mini-golf turned ugly or when the best of three tournament in Mario Kart quickly became an all-night, thumb-numbing affair (we’re looking at you, Rainbow Road). The spirit of competition is alive in almost everything. The most popular shows are always put against each other in polls, and then again against the winner of this same poll from a generation earlier. Some of those shows are even based around people competing with each other, completing the circle. It isn’t much of a surprise that this same drive found a home in marketing and advertisement.