4 Steps to Creating Your Personal Brand

From corporate and product brands to personal ones, branding has a huge impact on consumer purchasing decisions. But what many business owners don’t realize is that you yourself are a brand—it’s not just your business and your products that you’re selling. It’s you. Today we’re going to focus on how to create your own personal brand to help strengthen and solidify what you’ve already created for your business.

 What faces do you want to show the world, GLAD WORKS friends?

Find examples

One way to get started on solidifying your personal brand is to find someone to emulate. This doesn’t mean that if you’re a fan of Britney Spears that you should go out and copy her (Can you imagine?). What it does mean is that it’s a starting point. Maybe you like her sense of style or her hair extensions. Start with that and see what you can add to it that is distinctly your own. Do people tell you you’re funny or outgoing? Add that to your brand as long as it’s something you see in yourself too.

Figure out your message

What kind of message do you want to put out there and what’s your goal?  What do you want to accomplish personally and professionally? Decide on a few key attributes that reflect both your personal passions and your company’s needs. For example, if you own a bicycle shop and you believe in living a healthy and active lifestyle, you’ll probably want folks to see you as someone who is out there sucking down kale smoothies while biking instead of driving a car.

Be consistent

Once you’ve gotten your message sorted out, incorporate it into your thoughts. Be consistent and constantly reinforce it. If you’re that bike shop owner, you really don’t want to get caught pulling up at the drive through in a Hummer, right?  So, be your own brand police. Think about your message every time you post to Facebook or Twitter. Consider it when you’re interacting with customers or attending tradeshows or networking events. Be your message and protect it.


You can still be consistent while evolving at the same time. As you evolve as a person, let your personal brand evolve with you. If you change jobs or take on a new role, let your brand change to fit that. Just remember to shape your new brand around your goals and newfound passions.

In the digital age it’s more important now than ever to have a strong sense of your own personal brand. Always put your best self out there because the world is watching you!  Find a brand message that fits, stay consistent and let it evolve as you evolve and you’ll position yourself for success!

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