• 03Feb

    Your Marketing Plan is Like Going to the Gym: Being Consistent is Only Half the Battle

    03 February 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    Happy February, GLAD WORKS friends! How many of you have kept your new year’s resolutions so far?  Have you been going to the gym consistently?  And, how are your business marketing resolutions going? Still keeping up with those too?  If so, good for you!  But just keeping up with it is only half the battle. Are you getting all that you possibly can out of your efforts?  

    Let’s take a look!

    1) Be consistent

  • 10Feb

    What You Didn’t Know About Your Customer’s Body Language

    10 February 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    Your customers are telling you a lot without ever saying a word!  Our bodies communicate volumes, and being able to read what a customer’s eyes, gestures, posture and feet (yes, feet!) are telling you can help you turn a potentially disinterested customer into an interested and engaged one.  Here are some things you need to look for.

    The eyes are the windows to the soul

  • 17Feb

    The Ups and Downs of Using Humor in Marketing

    17 February 2014   Kristen   0 Comments

    If you’re anything like us, you could sit for hours watching funny TV commercials or talking about your favorite fun taglines. Everyone loves to laugh, so naturally there are lots of advantages to using humor in marketing. For example, humor creates connections between people, makes things more memorable and establishes rapport. But for all the good things humor brings with it, it can also create confusion, offend and polarize. So, how do you know if using humor is the right choice for your marketing?

    Let’s take a look!

    When to consider using humor

  • 24Feb

    Why we make it Our Business to Know Your Business

    24 February 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    At GLAD WORKS, we believe that doing business isn’t one-dimensional. You have to step outside your own area of focus at times in order to cultivate and excel within the relationships that will ultimately support your business success. That’s why we make it our business to know our client’s business. We invest time to understand their industry so that we can gain insight into their daily challenges as well as the ones they face in the future. This is how we make customers happy and create lasting relationships.

    This is how we become an extension of your internal team.