Of Brands and Marvel-ous Brand Commitment

19 April 2019   gladadmin     0 Comments

What do we look for when we head to buy something we need? Functionality? Yes. Versatility? Sure. Price? Of course. But with most of us, the first thing we do is look up the brand we already know and trust. The way we see it here at GLAD WORKS, there are a few different reasons for this.


S.E.Oh My, This is Pretty Helpful

21 March 2019   gladadmin     0 Comments

The confetti’s been swept up. All that’s left of the champagne bottles are the few corks still lingering on people’s desks as souvenirs. It was a fun launch. That was months ago. Unfortunately, it’s also where the party ended. So why isn’t anyone coming to the site? The answer may be SEO…


Marketing on a Budget: Explore the Possibilities!

01 April 2016   Kristen     0 Comments

If you have a tight budget, you probably feel like you can't afford to launch a marketing campaign, but you totally can! There are many low cost or no cost ways to market your business without breaking the bank. Let's check them out and stretch that marketing dollar like Gumby in yoga class!

Before we get into all the amazing stuff you can do, it would be irresponsible for us not to have you think about who you're going after exactly. All of your effort could be wasted if you don't ask yourself questions like:


How To Tell if Your Email Marketing Campaign is Working

21 March 2016   Kristen     0 Comments

We all know that you can't just send emails out all willy nilly without paying attention to how effective they are. Knowing your numbers will go a long way in helping you get the biggest ROI, so you need a way to gauge how you're doing so that you can adjust your strategy based on your stats for maximum impact. Here are our favorite ways to rock it out.


5 Ways to Use Vine for Social Media Marketing

12 October 2015   Kristen     0 Comments

In a world where we expect things to be better, faster and more entertaining than ever, we want a lot of things to happen in a very short time frame. This is why Vine, a social media app owned by Twitter that allows users to create and share a 6 second video, is a big deal. Is it right for you? Maybe! Let's find out!

Wait, what? What's "VINE?"


6 Ways to Keep Summertime Marketing Sizzling!

10 July 2015   Kristen     0 Comments

Everyone is always talking about how summertime is the time of year when you get to kick back and relax, but not if you're in charge of marketing! Getting your marketing mojo together and keeping yourself out there is just as hot of a topic during the summer as it is at any other time of year. Just to help you out a bit, we put together a few ideas to keep your summer marketing as cool and delicious as an ice cream cone.


10 Ways to Make Sure That A Presentation Doesn't Flop

04 June 2015   Kristen     0 Comments

Everyone at some point has had to give a presentation. They're a lot of work aren't they? And good golly the jitters that come along with having to actually present the thing in front of real human being people types! What if something goes wrong? What do you do when the microphone stops working or your PowerPoint slides go MIA? Do you run away screaming or do you handle it like a boss? You handle it like a boss. Of course you do. But just in case, since we find ourselves doing a lot of presentations around here, we've got a few tips for you anyway.


Use Drip Marketing & Watch New Leads Pour In

16 March 2015   Kristen     0 Comments

Drip Marketing & Marketing Automation 


What you Didn't Know About E-mail Newsletters

04 March 2015   Kristen     2 Comments

These days with so many social media outlets to use, it would seem like email campaigns are dinosaurs, but the truth is that e-mail newsletters are one of the most effective ways to build relationships with your customers and drive sales. In fact, a recent survey done by StrongView reveals that 60.66% of marketers plan to increase their email marketing budgets over the next year. That's far from being a dinosaur! Just think about your own habits and you'll know this to be true.