• 03May

    Cool Stuff From The Web

    03 May 2012   Kristen   0 Comments

    Greetings and happy Friday to you, GLAD WORKS friends!  In celebration of the weekend, we bring you some Cool Stuff.


    Andre: I dare you not to get sucked into looking at every one of these old pictues from the NYC Municipal Archives.  They're riveting!

    Brittany: For when the facts aren't really that interesting, we have Fake Science!

  • 08May

    The Realities of Business: Flipping Out Edition

    08 May 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    Few reality show stars speak to us as loudly as Jeff Lewis. Originally he appeared on Bravo’s series Flipping Out, and now has a new series called Interior Therapy.

    On the surface, Jeff seems to be a narcissistic jackwagon who obsesses over his appearance and his pets while treating his staff like dirt. If you ask us, that’s not the real story.

  • 10May

    Cool Stuff From The Web

    10 May 2012   Kristen   0 Comments

    Greetings Friday people! This week we've got kids and pets dancing and singing, plus 2 great creative minds.


    Andre: This is an interesting interview with Kash Sree, a great creative director. He's the man behind a lot of incredible ads that we've all seen. It's kind of cool to read what he has to say about his job and the industry in general.

  • 15May

    GLAD WORKS Gets Color Happy!

    15 May 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    One often-overlooked element of design is color. Color has the power to influence a viewer’s perceptions in some amazing ways. Sure, a certain color might look nice, but what about the psychological impact it has on the viewer? Does a certain color make the brain happy as well as the eyes?

    “Bah!”  You say. “I don’t care. Yellow is my favorite color and we’re gonna use it!  Yellow everything!”

    But we assure you that color plays an important role in our visual perceptions. Creating the right palette that makes people react the way you want them to is part of the whole thing we do when we design stuff.

  • 17May

    Cool Stuff From The Web

    17 May 2012   Kristen   0 Comments

    Hello GLAD WORKS friends! Welcome to Friday! Here's some cool stuff to help you start your weekend off right!

    Andre: Don't know what to do with all that leftover packing material? Why not use it to recreate old paintings?

    Becky: I love this! Cool tips for Facebook afficionados :)

  • 22May

    Emotionally Intelligent Web Design: Giving Your Visitors A Big Hug

    22 May 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    Have you ever sat down, looked at a website, and said to yourself, “I LOVE THIS.”

    If so, did you then ask yourself what makes you like it so much?  Is it the colors used in the design?  Is it the layout?  Is it the graphics and images?  Is it the way the content is organized or is it something else?  Is there something that speaks to a deeper part of you that you can’t put your finger on, like—soul?

  • 22May

    Waterproof Cases for Your iPhone—Just in Time for Running Through Sprinklers

    22 May 2012   Adam     0 Comments

    Remember a few weeks ago I did a post about great apps for vacation?

    Well, I went.

    I went on a vacation, and you know what I brought with me? My iPhone. I never, ever put it down. My hand is now permanently stuck in phone holding position. It’s completely true. My wife replaced my phone with a box of Altoids once when I was sleeping. I woke up and, still groggy, I tried to check my email before I realized what was going on.

    It was…embarrassing.

    But, ultimately, hilarious.

  • 22May

    Cool Stuff From The Web

    22 May 2012   Kristen   0 Comments

    Andre: Here's an adorable kitten video. Who says only girls love them? Kittens are awesome!

    Brittany: This is going to be the best Christmas present EVER! Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby is coming out!

  • 29May

    Friskies: More Than Just Cat Food

    29 May 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    You know, this is going to sound a little whacky, but we have a lot of respect for Friskies as a brand. Yes, we realize they sell kitty chow, but it’s the way they do it that impresses us.

  • 31May

    Cool Stuff From The Web

    31 May 2012   Kristen   0 Comments

    Happy Cool Stuff Friday, GLAD WORKS friends! Even though we've been working hard this week on some very important projects, a few of us have managed to take a moment to share our favorite findings with you! Enjoy!