• 10Jan

    SEO for the Totally Clueless AND People Who Love Tacos

    10 January 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    You hear it all the time, all over the place: SEO this and SEO that and you have to have good SEO! But what the heck does that even mean?  And what does it mean to be “spiderable?” 

    Are we talking about websites or Arachnophobia here?

  • 11Jan

    FaceTime Best Practices: How To Avoid Looking Like A Jackwagon

    11 January 2012   Adam     0 Comments

    * This post originally appeared at iPhone Life where Adam writes as a featured blogger.

    Every once in a while I find FaceTime, Apple’s most excellent video call feature, to be very helpful. There are occasions when I just can’t get in the same room with a client, and FaceTime is a great alternative to just a phone call.

  • 31Jan

    Writing on the Wall: The Creative Process Explained.

    31 January 2012   gladadmin   4 Comments

    People are always saying that they’re not creative.

    But we say everyone is creative; it’s just a matter of how that creativity expresses itself. Maybe you’re amazing at throwing a recipe together out of a bunch of random things from the pantry, or maybe you can find a fast way to get just about anywhere, or maybe you’re a genius at solving math equations.

    There are a bazillion ways to be creative!