• 04Sep

    Visual Content Marketing: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    04 September 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    Our brains have been changed by the superfast world of the Internet where things happen in an instant, and if we get bored or confused, POOF!  We click away in search of someone who says the same thing only in fewer words and with more pictures.

    We love pictures now more than ever, don’t we?  It seems that long expanses of plain text have fallen away in favor of a more visual way of communication.

    But then again, didn’t cave men do a lot of visual storytelling?

  • 11Sep

    Getting Pin-ny With It: Using Pinterest for Your Business

    11 September 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    Since we started our Pinterest account a few months back, we’ve been learning some things about Pinterest that we thought you’d like to know about. Whether you already have an account, are considering one, or you’re sitting there scratching your head going “what the heck is Pinterest?” this article is for you! 

  • 18Sep

    Stuff We Bet You Didn’t Know About Yelp

    18 September 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    Greetings GLAD WORKS friends and welcome to the wonderful world of Yelp!  We’ve written about Yelp before, but today we’re going to talk about some stuff we bet you didn’t know about it. It looks like more businesses are getting on board the Yelp train lately, and if you’re thinking about it too, this is a good time to read up.

    Yelp is cool beans, you guys.  Let us show you…

    Not just for restaurants

  • 21Sep

    GLAD WORKS does The Rhode Show!

    21 September 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    The entire team had a blast when The Rhode Show came to our studio to do a feature story about how apps are designed and developed. Since we’re so passionate about what we do, we love talking about it and sharing it with the world, so naturally the chance to do it on television was a big hit around here! Watch the segment and catch a glimpse into the wild world of app design!

  • 25Sep

    The Pitch: A GLAD WORKSian Smackdown!

    25 September 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    As you all know, GLAD WORKS had our annual retreat a little while back. Normally we play team-building games, some silly, some serious, but in the end, we come out of it with a renewed sense of our mission and better, stronger bond with our teammates.

  • 28Sep

    4 Of the Best Time Wasters You’ll Ever Love: Addictive Games for iPad Lovers.

    28 September 2012   Adam     0 Comments

    ** This post originally appeared at iPhone Life Magazine where Adam is a featured blogger.

  • 12Sep

    You Need a Mobile Friendly Website. You Do.

    12 September 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

    As you know, the number of people who access the Internet from a mobile device grows daily. For business owners, it’s becoming crucial to your survival to be accessible from anywhere, on any device. By now you should at least be considering bringing your website to the mobile masses. But, what are your options? Let’s take a look and see if building a dedicated mobile site or a responsive one is the best choice for you.

    Dedicated Mobile