• 03Dec

    5 Quick Tips to Get Your Website Ready for the Holidays

    03 December 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    It's that magical time of year, friends! The holiday season is in full swing and if you're an online retailer, getting your website ready for a successful buying season is imperative. Here are a few quick things to consider that can help out a lot.

    1) What worked last year?

  • 10Dec

    10 Awesomesauce Ideas for Your Social Media Content

    10 December 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    Getting your social media content right can be a moving target. What once seemed to resonate with your audience now doesn't get a single like, comment or share. Fear not, GLAD WORKS friends. Maybe all you need to do is come up with some fresh ideas. Here's a quick list of a few things that we have found to engage an audience.

    1) People dig quotes: Whether they are humorous (and of course in good taste), inspirational or motivational, they almost always get some engagement from an audience. Choose quotes that you think will resonate strongly with your audience and go for it.

  • 17Dec

    The 5 Hottest Web Design Trends for 2015

    17 December 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    It's almost the end of the year, so we're starting to shift our focus on what's coming up in 2015. Based on some trends we saw from 2014, we can make a few educated decisions about what design trends we'll all be following in the coming year. If you have a website that needs a refresh or a redesign, you can be sure that many if not all of these elements will be present in your new web design.

    1) Go mobile or go nowhere

  • 23Dec

    Basic Cyber Security

    23 December 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    How DO Passwords Get Hacked, Anyway?

    The goal of a hacker is simply to get information, and unfortunately they have multiple tools at their disposal.  However, with minimal caution and an understanding of basic online security, you can rest easier knowing you’ve really made them try to see your cousin’s wedding photos.

    While little can be done on the user end about massive data breaches, there is a lot of time and energy spent on scamming individuals.  Below are some common methods hackers will use to get personal logins.

    Dictionary Attacks

  • 30Dec

    GLAD WORKS Team New Year's Resolutions 2015

    30 December 2014   Kristen   0 Comments

    With 2015 beginning this week, the GLAD WORKS gang gathered round to share our goals for the coming year. The team's resolutions were so much fun that we thought we'd bring them to our wonderful and devoted blog readers. Read on to see what your favorite GLAD WORKS team members have up their sleeves.