• 05Aug

    Let's Generate Some Leads! Neat Ideas to Help Refresh Your Marketing

    05 August 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    As business owners, we know you spend a lot of time and resources planning marketing campaigns. It can be exhausting—especially if you're trying to actually run a business at the same time. But it's necessary because if you don't have a steady stream of leads coming in, your ship will sink. Today, we thought we'd give you a little inspiration to help keep some wind in your sails.

    Make a video

  • 19Aug

    How to Use Social Media to Improve Your SEO: It's Easier Than you Think!

    19 August 2014   Kristen     2 Comments

    You've been hearing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) this and SEO that for ages. It used to be that you could just have a popular website by having good content and keywords that would get you some good search engine results. But that's not good enough anymore. Those things are still absolutely important, but you've got to start taking a look at how social media sites can help you. It's a whole new bag now, GLAD WORKS friends.

    The good ol' days

  • 27Aug

    5 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    27 August 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    So the Ice Bucket Challenge has lasted WAY longer than anyone could have ever predicted, yes?  Just when you think it's over, there's two, three, four more popping up in your newsfeed on the daily. Some people are all over it, but some are annoyed by it. Whatever side of the fence you may fall on, there's no denying that for marketers, it's a bit of a phenomenon and something we can all learn from. As a result of the campaign, ALSA has experienced an 800% rise in donations. We need to listen to what this thing is telling us because,whoa.

    1) Make it easy and fun