• 05Mar

    Why Do We Need Graphic Design?

    05 March 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

    Sometimes when production is heavy, some of the non-designy types around our studio joke about being able to help the designers out, saying, “I’ve got glitter pens! Put me on it!”

    Oh if it were only that easy, GLAD WORKS friends! 

    The truth is that graphic design requires a lot more than just a willing heart and a pack of Crayolas (sorry non-designy types). It takes a ton of skill, training and talent to create effective visual communication, but many folks leave it as an afterthought when it should really be one of the very first priorities. 

  • 12Mar

    7 Habits of Super Productive People

    12 March 2013   Kristen     2 Comments

    We all have that colleague or co-worker who seems to get so much done during the day you swear they’ve got super powers. But the truth is that they may have some habits that we can all adopt to help us be more productive too. Today we’re going to look at what some of those habits are.

    Take THAT super heroes!  We know your secrets! You cannot hide them from us!

    Make to do lists the night before

  • 19Mar

    You’re Gonna Advertise on Facebook. Now What?

    19 March 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

    So, you’ve read our post about Google AdWords and Facebook Ads and you’ve decided to go with advertising on Facebook. But now what?  They have so many products!  There are Promoted Posts, Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads and Marketplace Ads, but what do all these things do?  It’s overwhelming!

    Not to worry, GLAD WORKS friends. We can sort this out for you.

    Let’s dig in and take a look at Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories—the two things we think you’re most likely to be interested in to start out with. 

    Promoted Posts

  • 22Mar

    4 Great Apps for Stress Relief

    22 March 2013   Adam     0 Comments

    *This post originally appeared on iPhone Life where Adam is a featured blogger.

    Ok, guys. Show of hands: who here doesn’t get stressed out?

    You didn’t raise your hand, did you?

  • 26Mar

    6 Lessons Game of Thrones Can Teach Us About Business

    26 March 2013   Kristen     2 Comments

    Maybe you’ve only heard of it, or maybe you’re obsessed with either the book series by George R. R. Martin or the HBO television series. Whatever your experience is with Game of Thrones, you know how amazingly intense and deliciously dangerous every plot-line can be as the story chronicles the violent dynastic battles between the noble families of the realm for control of the Iron Throne.