• 04Jun

    4 of the Best Viral Ads of 2013 So Far: A GLAD WORKS Review

    04 June 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

    Greetings GLAD WORKS friends!  We’ve been doing so many heavy posts about very serious things that we thought we should lighten things up a little bit. After all, it’s almost summer time and the livin’s easy! Today, we have some really fun videos for you as we’ve chosen four of our favorite viral ads to share. They all have a few things in common that we think greatly contribute to their virality. Can you guess what those elements might be?

    No skipping to the end to find out the answer!

    Carlsberg- Standing Up For a Friend

  • 11Jun

    Kickstarter: Giving Your Projects a Kick in the Pants

    11 June 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

    We’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform used by creatives to raise money for their projects. All this talk is getting hard to ignore, as Kickstarter becomes a stronger and stronger force in helping folks meet their funding goals. So, today we thought we’d talk about it with you and maybe even give you a few tips for success if you decide to go the crowdfunding route.


  • 18Jun

    The NSA is Terrible with PowerPoint. They Should Call Us.

    18 June 2013   Kristen   0 Comments

    No matter how fired up you might be about this whole business with the NSA, we think you’re going to enjoy our post today. But we’re not going to talk about all of the serious implications this scandal has on our national security and personal privacy. Nope. We’re going to talk about how absolutely abysmal the NSA’s PowerPoint presentation on the PRISM data-collection program was. In response to the nationwide outrage, the NSA should have produced a few clear and well-designed PowerPoint slides to explain their operation. But they did not, and their failure has served to further undermine their powerful image.

  • 25Jun

    An Awesome Place to Work: Office Design For Collaboration

    25 June 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

    When people step into our studio for the first time, they often say something like “oh wow! This is a cool space!”  And we quite agree that the GLAD WORKS studio is a pretty sleek looking workplace. But aside from the fact that we used our silver and black brand colors with sassy pops of red as inspiration for our décor, we’ve also got a great set up going for maximum collaboration and creativity. Today you’ll get a tour of our space as well as a look at various elements of the studio that go a long way to help foster collaboration and communication among team members. We like to think Steve Jobs would approve of our set up.