• 04Nov

    Designing Postcards That Get Read, Not Recycled

    04 November 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    In the weeks and days ramping up to Election Day yesterday, many people have been feeling inundated with postcards from every politician imaginable. Lots of those postcards never even got a glance and went straight into the recycling bin. Sadly, this is the fate of so many postcards. After all the expense and design time and planning that goes into them, it's really a shame. Postcards are very cost effective and they do work very well, but they have to be done right or it's into the bin they go.

    Here's how you can make postcard marketing work for you!

  • 12Nov

    Our Process: A Peek Under the Hood at GLAD WORKS

    12 November 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    Here at GLAD WORKS we are quite proud of the way we approach our projects.  We have developed a process that we use in just about everything we do, and at this point, it's so finely tuned that it's every bit as sexy and streamlined as a hot red racecar. Here's a little peek at some of the major points of our process.


  • 19Nov

    Turning SEO into $EO

    19 November 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

    If you’re an agent, a contractor, a consultant, or even a small business owner, you’ve undoubtedly dipped a toe into online marketing and lead generation. As the Internet has evolved, so have its requirements for staying current and rising above the signal to noise ratio. 

    From having a top-level domain name to being present on current social media networks, the bar to be seen online is constantly rising. Investing in a solid SEO strategy can do more than just get you noticed, it can get you business!

  • 25Nov

    The GLAD WORKS Team Gives Thanks.

    25 November 2014   Kristen   2 Comments

    Just for fun, we decided to go around and ask the team what they're thankful for this year. The answers we got are fantastic, and we all realize that we are pretty darn fortunate in many ways. Sure, maybe things aren't always awesome, but we have the things that truly matter: health, family, love and coffee. Not everyone is so lucky. 

    So, let's take a moment to share what we're grateful for this Thanksgiving.

    Adam: I'm thankful for good friends and family, a strong company and team, 2 chihuahuas and a cat named Carson, the coffee plant, my iPhone 6 plus, and most importantly, my amazing wife Gina.