S.E.Oh My, This is Pretty Helpful

The confetti’s been swept up. All that’s left of the champagne bottles are the few corks still lingering on people’s desks as souvenirs. It was a fun launch. That was months ago. Unfortunately, it’s also where the party ended. So why isn’t anyone coming to the site? The answer may be SEO…

But First, a Brief Lesson

What is SEO? A fair first question. SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’ and helps you do exactly that. A fantastic website complete with intricate, detailed, and easy-to-navigate pages and pitches doesn’t mean all that much if no one is able to find it. That’s where SEO comes in.

As it turns out, words matter. Not just individually, but the context that they’re used in, too. The right ones and in the right combinations help you control the traffic traveling to your website. That’s at the core of SEO. Traffic management.

How Does It Work?

You type what you’re looking for into the Google, or Yahoo, or Bing, or whatever you fancy. A few seconds after you click send you’re greeted with pages of links of various relatability to what you wrote. The links you see are based on the SEO of the pages that they’re linked to. Depending on how well your text matches up to the SEO scale will dictate how many people see your site when searching for the product or service you provide.

Not only does SEO work to keep a constant flow of people directed to your website, but if done correctly, it will direct the right flow of people. The people who are actually interested in what it is you’re talking about. No one’s time is wasted, and your business is growing because of it.

GLAD WORKS has the research and experience to go alongside it to utilize SEO exactly how you want it. The key is having the ability to write up site copy that creatively includes keywords, sentence passivity, word variety and phrasing, and more, all without sacrificing readability or the overall quality of the writing. You don’t want your readers to know that you’re catering to an algorithm.

That’s the beauty of SEO. When it’s done well, entirely new groups of people will find themselves clicking on your site. They won’t see the wires behind the scenes. All they’ll see is a unique, well-designed page, with exactly what they’re looking for displayed front and center.

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