Revisiting Your 2017 Brand Resolutions

22 February 2017   phil     0 Comments

Those first two months of 2017 just flew by, didn't they? I bet it feels like just last night you were watching the ball drop, blowing a noise-maker, and counting down to life's natural refresh button! Now, we are off and running into a new year and we'd be willing to bet that you're still staring at that formidable bullet journal list of resolutions for your brand. Have you checked any of them off? It's cool—we'll keep your secret.


Let's Generate Some Leads! Neat Ideas to Help Refresh Your Marketing

05 August 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

As business owners, we know you spend a lot of time and resources planning marketing campaigns. It can be exhausting—especially if you're trying to actually run a business at the same time. But it's necessary because if you don't have a steady stream of leads coming in, your ship will sink. Today, we thought we'd give you a little inspiration to help keep some wind in your sails.

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Branded Environments: How to Rock Your Space for Maximum Impact

01 April 2014   Kristen     0 Comments

Imagine how cool it would be for your customers to have a fully immersive experience when they walk into your office or shop. The rooms, halls and every space in between can literally be a physical experience of your brand. This is what we call a “branded environment” and it works by communicating to folks about what you stand for and what promises you make to your customers, employees and investors.

The Benefits of Environmental Branding

Why not use your existing space as just another way to reinforce your brand messaging?  A well-branded space is a powerful thing and when done thoroughly, it can:


4 Steps to Creating Your Personal Brand

17 December 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

From corporate and product brands to personal ones, branding has a huge impact on consumer purchasing decisions. But what many business owners don’t realize is that you yourself are a brand—it’s not just your business and your products that you’re selling. It’s you. Today we’re going to focus on how to create your own personal brand to help strengthen and solidify what you’ve already created for your business.

 What faces do you want to show the world, GLAD WORKS friends?

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How to Name Stuff: Tips For Successful Business Naming

15 October 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” 


TeethFirst! A Campaign Comes to Life!

24 September 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

At GLAD WORKS, we love to champion a good cause. When a client comes to us with a project that strikes our hearts, we get deeply involved. Their mission becomes our mission. We bring it home with us, we think about it on the weekends, we talk about it with our friends.


How to Keep Your Brand From Going the Way of the Dinosaur

23 October 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

These days, demographic-based branding dominates all. The problem all brands face is this: if your brand suits a particular demographic at this moment, what happens as that demographic ages and times change?  Do you age with them and eventually become extinct, or do you fight to stay relevant to subsequent generations of consumers? Of course you know the answer to that question: FIGHT! Go to the mattresses to avoid becoming irrelevant and sinking into oblivion!


Fashion Blogs: Like Thor and His Mighty Hammer, but With Cuter Shoes

21 September 2011   Kristen     2 Comments

People are always asking us how powerful a branding tool blogs can be, so today you get your answer people!  Perhaps the best example of this power can be found in the popularity of fashion blogs and the bloggers who write them. They are r-e-d HAUTE right now!

As you know, we here at GLAD WORKS are quite the Fashionistas. To that end, we’ve always got our eyes on the new hotness—in August we were even platinum sponsors of StyleWeek Providence, an organization dedicated to showcasing emerging and established fashion designers from the New England area.


We Tried Really Hard NOT to Say “Picture Perfect” a Million Times in this Post

03 August 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

When you see a blog post, a website, a Facebook page, or a piece of mail, what do you notice first?

Cool fonts?  Maybe.

Great copy? Probably not right away.

The pictures? You got it!


Be Creative, Do the Unexpected, and Appeal to Emotions--All Without Being Arnold Horshack.

20 June 2011   Adam     1 Comments

The other day I was riding my bike through the park when I noticed three gorgeous parrots sitting on top of a fence surrounding the playground. I was intrigued because you don’t see that kind of thing around here very often, so I took a quick detour to go check it out. On my way into the playground, one of the birds greeted me with a loud “HELLO!” from high atop the fence. I wasn’t expecting that (Duh!  Parrots…talking…who knew?) and I admit it scared the heck out of me, but once I got over myself, I noticed how much attention these birds were attracting.