5 Tips for Doing Social Media Kardashian Style

It doesn't matter if you think Kim Kardashian is a frivolous cheese ball or if you worship her every breath. You cannot deny that a person with 31 million Twitter followers and 29.9 million Instagram followers has made some great moves to make hers one of the biggest social media presences out there. She even has an app that has been downloaded over 28 million times. Impressive, right? Here's how you can keep up with Kardashian.

1) Be authentic and stay true to your brand

If you follow Kim Kardashian on any social media channels, you'll notice that her posts are always consistent with her brand. She strives to maintain a certain image that projects her personality and her values in a way that's relatable to people. Even while she's sporting an obnoxiously expensive handbag or showing off her legendary bum, fans love what she's doing and live vicariously through her. When planning your social media posts, make sure you are representing your business well and that your customers will find your posts relatable. People also love a little peek behind the curtains, so without giving away your secret sauce, show the people a little bit about how you do what you do.

2) Ask questions to increase engagement

Every once in a while, you'll see Kim ask Twitter a question like "where can I get something to eat in this town?" and the crowd goes wild. Most people enjoy giving input and sharing their experiences, so any time you can engage your followers by asking for their input, do it. It adds a personal element to your social media posts that creates a natural conversation between your brand and your followers.

3) Be unapologetically glamorous

Kim Kardashian would never post something that makes her look sloppy or disorganized, and neither should you. Make sure that everything you put out there is polished so that your brand looks smashing. Fill out your profiles and about sections thoroughly. Make sure your information is all current and give people a reason to keep coming back. The Kardashian sisters are known for fantastic giveaways, which is a great way to get some Facebook traffic. That is certainly something you could test out.

4) Say it with pictures

With an Instagram following topping out at almost 30 million, clearly she's rocking it out hardcore with the Instagram crowd. In an increasingly visual world, communicating through photos is becoming a great way to promote a brand. In keeping with her personal brand, her Instagram photos mostly highlight her glamorous lifestyle, which is a way to constantly promote and reinforce her brand message. You can do the same thing without even posing in a bikini or making a sexy duck lips face. Try taking photos of your newest products, happenings around the office and maybe even a few fun, but totally safe and appropriate personal things like a bike ride on a nice day, or your participation in a community event. Hashtags are of utmost importance on Instagram, so make sure you have at least one with every photo you post so that your photos link back to you and bring in more followers to your Instagram feed.

 5) Tell people where to go and what to do

Once you have your brand messaging nailed down and your social media and website pages are polished up and pretty, you'll need to promote yourself to gain followers. Make sure you have your website and social media pages listed on your business cards, email signature, and printed collateral so that people know where to find you. Include a call to action like "follow us on Facebook for great product updates and giveaways!" to encourage people to like and follow you.

Being consistent, authentic and communicative with followers are all ways that Kim Kardashian has managed to build such a tremendous following on social media. She has a clear brand message and reinforces it frequently. Her omnipresence has and continues to keep her relevant and participating in the conversation, which in turn brings her opportunities she might not have had without such a strong presence.

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