All About Your “About Us” Page

About Us pages are an often overlooked, but very important part of a website. It’s the place where organizations get to tell a story, explain what they stand for and talk about what makes them special. Think of it as one of many sales tools in your arsenal. So, whether you’re writing your About Us page from scratch or thinking about sprucing up your existing one, let us help you take it to a whole new level of awesome with these few tips. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with people!


Who cares about the About Us page? 

In a word?  Everybody. In fact, it’s among the first pages people will visit. Customers go there to learn about you and all the amazing things you do. If your About Us page is lacking, they’re going to think you are lacking as well and they’ll go look for someone cooler. That’s not good, so you need to give it some careful attention. In fact, when we write a website, we spend more time working on the About Us page than any other. It’s the first one we tackle because it sets the tone for all the other pages. It can literally make or break your relationship with your customer.

Make a connection

This is, after all, the entire purpose for the page. When people come over to learn about you, you want to draw them in and make them care about not only your products, but also your entire operation. Information about your founders, your employees, your goals and values—these are all things that will help develop that very important bond with the customer. People today want to know you and like you, so give them what they want and be your amazing self.

Don’t be boring

There’s nothing worse than encountering a huge page full of text that just drones on and on and says nothing. Pick your favorite highlights and mention just those. If you choose to have employee bios on your site, they can also live on this page if you wish. You can include fun details (favorite food, hobbies, etc.) about them to add a little sparkle to their professional persona. Whatever details you choose to include, make sure they truly reflect your organization and support your overall brand message.

Include contact information

The About Us page is a great place to put your contact information as well as buttons that lead to your social media channels. If you have videos or a blog, this is also a place to post your videos and link to your blog.  Just make sure that if you’re sending people somewhere to learn more about you, there’s actually something they can sink their teeth into. Sending them all over the Internet to find a Facebook page with little to no postings is a waste of their time. They will not enjoy it.

Seek professional help

If all of this sounds overwhelming and you’re just not up to the task of writing and organizing all of this yourself, you can always turn to someone like us to help you. We can make sure your About Us page truly reflects you in all of your awesome glory. 

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