An Awesome Place to Work: Office Design For Collaboration

When people step into our studio for the first time, they often say something like “oh wow! This is a cool space!”  And we quite agree that the GLAD WORKS studio is a pretty sleek looking workplace. But aside from the fact that we used our silver and black brand colors with sassy pops of red as inspiration for our décor, we’ve also got a great set up going for maximum collaboration and creativity. Today you’ll get a tour of our space as well as a look at various elements of the studio that go a long way to help foster collaboration and communication among team members. We like to think Steve Jobs would approve of our set up.

People are so surprised by our studio partly because they may be expecting the typical grey cubicle deal, but instead find a wide-open space with no walls separating desks and plenty of huge sunny windows. More and more offices are looking like ours these days, and it’s a reflection of the kind of thing Steve Jobs did when he helped design the campus at Pixar. He went in there and made it possible for people from different departments to mix with one another and have impromptu conversations. He believed that moments of serendipity were the keys to collaboration and innovation. We think he was absolutely right.

Tear down the walls

At GLAD WORKS we try to encourage camaraderie by not separating our team members with cubicles. By opening things up, we can all see one another and feel like we’re all part of a team working together instead of individuals occupying rigidly segregated spaces. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have private rooms where people can sit to have some intense focus time or attend a meeting. That kind of space is important too, but it’s not necessary all of the time. 

Places to chat and relax

Not having any walls means that we have more space for cool stuff like a common area with a sofa and loveseat, comfy chairs and a pool table. This is everyone’s favorite space to hang out and you can often find team members having a meeting there or shooting a quick game of pool while talking about a project. We also have a wellness room where team members who aren’t feeling well or just need to rest their minds for a moment can find a quiet and comfortable space to retreat to. 

What our studio says about us

We’re living our brand every day. Just as our studio is open and transparent, that same spirit extends into how we do business with our clients. We consider ourselves to be an extended part of our clients’ internal team and we put a lot of effort into being as collaborative as we can. We feel our office reflects our mission beautifully. In fact, sometimes we have meetings with clients at the coffee bar, which is located in the middle of the studio. In this way, we can bring our clients right into the fold and meld our two teams together for maximum camaraderie.

Getting conversations started

In addition to having a common area with a pool table and comfortable seating, we also provide ways for folks to encounter one another when they leave their immediate work area. We have our aforementioned coffee bar and a centralized recycling station and printing station where people from different departments often happen upon one another and interact.

It IS easy being green

Ribbet! Another hot thing in the world of office design is sustainability. Our studio is located in an old repurposed mill that now houses a variety of creative enterprises. Our floors are all original and although they may be stained and scratched, it gives them character and speaks to the history of the place we’re in. In such a disposable culture, we think it’s important to save whatever works and spruce it up a bit instead of throwing it away. From our decorating choices to the office supplies we purchase, we always keep sustainability in mind.

Now that you’ve had a tour of our place, what do you do to inspire collaboration in your workspace?

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