Branded Environments: How to Rock Your Space for Maximum Impact

Imagine how cool it would be for your customers to have a fully immersive experience when they walk into your office or shop. The rooms, halls and every space in between can literally be a physical experience of your brand. This is what we call a “branded environment” and it works by communicating to folks about what you stand for and what promises you make to your customers, employees and investors.

The Benefits of Environmental Branding

Why not use your existing space as just another way to reinforce your brand messaging?  A well-branded space is a powerful thing and when done thoroughly, it can:

  • Strengthen brand awareness
  • Help you stand apart from competitors
  • Identify and promote your core values, specialties and strengths
  • Create an immersive experience that strongly reinforces your brand identity
  • Transform your buildings into inspirational, engaging and enlightening spaces
  • Highlight new products

Elements of a Branded Environment

Every environment presents an opportunity for branding, and it’s actually pretty fun to plan and execute a branded environment. It involves a little bit of interior design, graphic design and some good old-fashioned creativity. The elements of a branded environment include:

  • Signage
  • Graphics
  • Way finding (signs that say where the elevators, restrooms, conference rooms, etc. are located)
  • Media walls
  • Furniture
  • Fixtures

Through the use of environmental graphics like posters and signs both inside and outside of your space, you can create a physical representation of what makes you special. Your brand environment is created by strategically applying your brand elements (like environmental graphics, furnishings, fixtures, etc.) around your space, offering you the opportunity to create an immersive and engaging experience that strongly communicates your brand message to everyone who stops by.

Some of the strongest examples of thoroughly immersive branded environments can be found at the mall. Major retailers put a lot of effort into creating a customer experience that makes a big impact. Walk into a Victoria’s Secret PINK store and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Our GLAD WORKS studio is another example of a branded environment. Everything in the studio is sleek and modern and our brand colors of red, black and silver are well represented throughout the space.

With a little creativity and some design chops, your space can be transformed into a physical representation of your brand that your customers won’t soon forget. Next time you go shopping or visit us at our studio, take note of your surroundings for some inspiration so you can rock your space!

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