Cool Stuff From Around the Web

Hi GLAD WORKS friends!  It's Friday--time for Cools Stuff From Around the Web!  We've got some great ones for you this week!

Andre: I would absoultuely love to spend a day photograhing some of these unusual homes.  The house made of stone is my favorite! Which one would you most like to live in?

Brittany:  This is silly, but I just couldn't resist. I bring you, famous people, tiny hands.

Gina: I'm so addicted to the show Fashion Star! I love that you can buy the clothing online right after the show airs each week. It's geinus!

Kristen: I'll admit it.  I'm a total Pinterest addict. If you're a pin head like me (see what I did there?  Clever girl!) you'll love these three tips for making your profile all spiffy.

Liz: Several of us here at GLAD WORKS are dying to read Mad Women, a book by Jane Mass. It's about  working on Madison Avenue in the 1960s from a woman's perspective.  This is a fascinating interview with the author!

What caught your attention this week?