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Greetings Friday people! This week we've got kids and pets dancing and singing, plus 2 great creative minds.


Andre: This is an interesting interview with Kash Sree, a great creative director. He's the man behind a lot of incredible ads that we've all seen. It's kind of cool to read what he has to say about his job and the industry in general.

Becky:  I love this singing basset hound. He waits so patiently for his cue before he sings his little heart out.

Brittany: PSA's about the dangers of catnip. This is your cat's brain on drugs. I die.

Kristen: Two seriously cool kids, so many feelings! These kids singing Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye is somewhat more sophisticated than my two year old's rendition of We Are Who We Are by Ke$ha...You'll fall in love with them!

Who knew cockatoos like The Backstreet Boys? This has been around for ages, but it made my day brighter in spite of all the rain. Check out the dancing cockatoo!

Liz: RIP Maurice Sendak. This is the most wonderful quote by him about a little boy who once wrote him a letter.

I love this article. It describes how great design is so critical these days. Is your business design-oriented?

Happy weekend everyone!

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