You and GLAD WORKS: A Match Made in Heaven

We found this marvy article over at AIGA, and it dawned on us that there’s something we’ve been meaning to talk to you about for quite some time now.

It’s…about our relationship.

We have needs, you have needs, and well? We have to make sure we give each other what we require to be successful. If not, this relationship is going to end with you driving by GLAD WORKS and throwing our stuff out of your car.


Well, maybe it won’t be quite so dramatic as all that, but suffice it to say that we won’t have as successful a partnership, and that’s what we need to establish so that you get the most out of what we can do for you. This isn’t to say that if we don’t have the kind of relationship we’re about to describe that your projects won’t be amazing. They will be, for sure, but they could be even better if we  both put effort into forming a great partnership.

Today we bring you a short description of the different types of working relationships we have with our clients and then we’ll go into the elements of an ideal working relationship.

You’re the boss

In this scenario, you as the client know exactly what you want and you walk in here with a list of your expectations. You’re the boss and we’re called upon to simply carry out your instructions. While we can certainly do this, you might be cheated in this kind of relationship because you don’t get the benefit of our experience and expertise. We have a lot to offer and you came to us for a reason, take full advantage!


In this kind of relationship, you understand what your needs are and what goals you have for your project. You trust us to come up with a way to meet your goals without being as involved as you would be in the previous situation. Maybe you’ll provide us with some content or images, but you let us use our professional judgment to bring it all together. In this way, our relationship is more like a friendship—there’s give and take and a certain level of trust between us, but we can still take our relationship to the next level! We have more to give!


This is what we’ve wanted to talk to you about. Ideally, we want to have a partnership with you. Partners discuss things thoroughly and share their business and marketing goals. They talk honestly and openly about specific problems they’re having meeting their goals. We as the experts can help strategize and set priorities—we can work closely with one another and get some solid solutions. These solutions will have a positive impact on your business. 

But this kind of relationship is hard to come by. So, if you’re planning to come to us to do a project, there are some things that we can both do to make sure you get the most out of your time with us.


Be honest with us at all times. If something isn’t hitting the sweet spot, we want to know about it right away. We want you to be happy with your project; so honest feedback is a very important part of the process. Don’t worry about hurting our feelings or offending us. This isn’t about us—it’s about YOU!  You need to be happy and we’re here to make that happen. Help us help you! 


Sorry.  Jerry Maguire flashback.



This goes both ways. If you’re having issues with the process, tell us so we can work together to fix it. And if we’re stuck or we’re having a hard time interpreting your direction, we’ll tell you. AND if something is going to mess up the budget, we’ll tell you your options right away and help you explore some other possibilities.


There’s a lot we can learn from each other, GLAD WORKS friends. So, you tell us all you want us to know about your industry and your business. Tell us what your competitors are up to; tell us what drives you nuts. Tell us your goals and dreams. Tell us a story about your first pet—whatever you want us to know that will help us understand you the best, we want to hear it! We could never know your business as well, or as thoroughly as you, but it all comes back to a true partnership--you bring your knowledge and passion for your business & goals, and we bring our expertise and enthusiasm for making you shine!

In return for sharing so much, we’ll tell you about our process and how what we do impacts your business, and why certain strategies are important and effective. And then after that, we can braid each other’s hair and go see Big Miracle together!


You know, if you want.

At GLAD WORKS we believe in the power of relationships. Being honest, giving feedback, and being willing to learn from one another are all part of what builds a strong partnership. Together, we can open the door to innovation and make your dreams a reality!

Wow that last line there was hokey, right? 

But, it’s completely true.

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