Your Marketing Plan is Like Going to the Gym: Being Consistent is Only Half the Battle

Happy February, GLAD WORKS friends! How many of you have kept your new year’s resolutions so far?  Have you been going to the gym consistently?  And, how are your business marketing resolutions going? Still keeping up with those too?  If so, good for you!  But just keeping up with it is only half the battle. Are you getting all that you possibly can out of your efforts?  

Let’s take a look!

1) Be consistent

Everyone knows that getting in the game is the hardest part. If you’ve got that part down, you’re half way to success. Paying attention and putting consistent effort in is fantastic!  However, it’s just like going to the gym. Showing up is great, but what you’re doing when you’re there is just as important!

2) Mix it up

What are you investing your marketing efforts in?  Are you only focused on one or two things, or are you sprinkling some effort in many different directions?  Everyone has seen photos of that guy who always skips leg day at the gym. He’s got a tremendous upper body with skinny little chicken legs. No matter how ripped your guns are, you don’t want your marketing plan to have chicken legs!  Mix it up and cross train!  For example, put equal effort into mobile, digital, print and so on. Make sure all your moving parts get the attention they need to be healthy and balanced!

3) Be nimble, be quick

Not every marketing plan you come up with is going to be a smashing success. Find what works, be open to experimentation and always pay attention to the results you’re getting and reassess your plans accordingly. Just because one thing doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean nothing will. Being flexible and nimble is the only way to stay in the game!


4) Don’t give up

When the going gets tough, the tough keep at it!  Not all of your plans are going to work right away, just like you don’t see immediate results when you start a fitness routine. Instead of getting frustrated and letting the whole plan fall apart, let that disappointment fuel your determination to keep at it. Play the Rocky theme song if you have to!

5) Make sense

You know that guy at the gym who wears skintight spandex from head to toe (TMI, bro!)?  You’ve gotta give him props for dedication and consistency because he’s always there, but everyone is laughing at him because it just doesn’t make sense to wear that much spandex!  There is no need for aerodynamics in spin class, dude!  Clearly, things aren’t quite coming together for this guy and he’s channeling some energy in the wrong direction. Don’t be skintight spandex guy. Look around you and see what other people are doing. It’s great to think outside the box and do your own thing just as long as what you’re doing makes sense.

We hope you’ve been giving your body and your marketing plan a good workout so far this year. It’s February now and the gym is about to start clearing out as new years resolutions fade away. Don’t join them!  Press on and watch your business become stronger and healthier in 2014!

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