1 Billion Reasons to be excited about Apple's iPhone

With Apple's big announcement last month, there are now at least a billion reasons to be excited about the iPhone!

In late April, Apple celebrated their 1 billionth download — just nine months after the opening of their app store. What does this mean for marketers? 

Lots! The iPhone app market is incredibly valuable if you're looking
for a mobile presence for your brand because it allows you to
participate in the richest mobile marketing platform ever. From the fun
and funky Target app to shop for goodies, to streaming radio for your favorite NPR station or of live whales in the Pacific, the pool of options is bottomless.

The beauty of Apple's app store is that it's easy to use for app creators and users. And in a truly democratic spirit, every new app starts on a level playing field:

  • A newly uploaded app begins in the "new release" category where it enjoys its moment in the sun.
  • Based on user feedback, blogs and reviews, the app can stay in the iTunes spotlight by generating more and more buzz. And more buzz in this ever-growing market base leads to more app sales! 

With the official release of the iPhone 3.0 operating system right around the corner, be ready for an eruption of new iPhone apps. Maybe the next billion downloads won’t take quite so long...