10 Awesomesauce Ideas for Your Social Media Content

Getting your social media content right can be a moving target. What once seemed to resonate with your audience now doesn't get a single like, comment or share. Fear not, GLAD WORKS friends. Maybe all you need to do is come up with some fresh ideas. Here's a quick list of a few things that we have found to engage an audience.

1) People dig quotes: Whether they are humorous (and of course in good taste), inspirational or motivational, they almost always get some engagement from an audience. Choose quotes that you think will resonate strongly with your audience and go for it.

2) Trivia: Whether your specialty is medicine or chocolate making, there's a ton of great trivia questions you can ask your followers. People love trivia and they love to show off their expertise. Why do you think Jeopardy has been around for so long?

3) A peek behind the curtain: A few weeks ago, we had bring your dog to work day. It was one of our most enjoyed posts and our audience loved to see the human side of GLAD WORKS. You don't need to give away your secret sauce; just a little taste of it will bring people in. It's also fun to share a little bit about you. 

4) Fill-in-the-blank: This can be industry related or just general. Choose what your audience will respond to the most. For example, we recently asked, "what makes you buy an app?"

5) Share helpful resources: One of our favorite things to share are resources that can help our clients put a few best practices to work.

6) A day in the life: This is a chance to highlight the important work a certain individual does each day. If they feel comfortable, include a photo of them hard at work for that added human touch.

7) Throw back Thursdays: This is a great opportunity to share blog content that you've written in the past and put it back in the spotlight. Don't forget to include the #TBT and only do this on a Thursday.

8) Favorite product tips: Do you have a product that you absolutely cannot live without?  Why not share it with your followers? Everyone likes to know what's hot and fabulous.

9) Ask followers what they'd like to learn more about: Here's your opportunity to get into your customer's head a little and find out what questions you can answer for them.

10) Share infographics: Infographics are an awesome way to share data in a very visual and relatable way. If you find one that will resonate with your followers, share away!

What types of content have you found to be the most engaging with your audience, GLAD WORKS friends?

PS: This post is just a little taste of our awesomesauce social media e-book coming out in January 2015! Wait for it...

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