The 5 Hottest Web Design Trends for 2015

It's almost the end of the year, so we're starting to shift our focus on what's coming up in 2015. Based on some trends we saw from 2014, we can make a few educated decisions about what design trends we'll all be following in the coming year. If you have a website that needs a refresh or a redesign, you can be sure that many if not all of these elements will be present in your new web design.

1) Go mobile or go nowhere

Having a mobile friendly website is not an option anymore. The number of people accessing the web from mobile devices is steadily rising, making it standard practice to have a website that is mobile friendly. Get on the bus or get left in the dust.

2) Images & Video

Having amazing images and videos that are very prominent on your homepage is a simple and elegant way to make sure your website stands out. When it's incorporated into an overarching style and tone, it can be very powerful. In an increasingly visual society, images are going to mean more and more with each coming year.

3) Flat Design

Flat design refers to a way of designing an interface so that it does not give the illusion of having three-dimensions. This means that things like drop shadows, textures and gradients that are used to add depth to a design won't be as present as they have been in years past. Instead, the focus will be on a minimalist approach that uses simple elements of typography and eye catching colors.

Flat designs are also faster to load, making for a quicker and more responsive user experience.

4) Unconventional and innovative design

With such things like large images, videos and flat design, website designers are challenged to come up with designs that are user friendly, present important content prominently and present a smooth experience overall. We're going to start seeing some really great stuff as designers strive to flex with the shifting landscape.

5) Stories told through design

When you put all of these elements together, you end up telling a story about your brand through your design. Everything from the images, page layout, font choices and actual written copy is a part of your overall story that embodies your strengths and values as an organization. Careful attention must be paid to make sure that all of the elements are in harmony and reinforce your message together.

All of these trends are ones we have seen gain some momentum in 2014. We are excited to have had the opportunity to put them into practice and look forward to seeing how far we can push them in the year to come! 

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