4 Great Apps for Stress Relief

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Ok, guys. Show of hands: who here doesn’t get stressed out?

You didn’t raise your hand, did you?

Everyone gets stressed out sometimes, so I thought I’d go digging for a few really nice stress relief apps, but I know what you’re thinking. Yes there are nature sounds, yes there are guided meditation and breathing apps, but there’s also one that lets you smash things to pieces without making a mess or breaking something and getting in trouble with your wife.

Take a deep breath. Let’s dig in.

Naturespace Holographic Audio (Free)

The first six relaxing sounds are free, but access to a huge library of other sounds will cost you a buck or two depending on what sound you choose. The free sounds include Summer Mountain Valley, Infinite Shoreline, Riverwind Dreaming, Rain into Water and Night at Lake Unknown. Choose any of them to experience 3D Audio that makes it sound like you’re really in the middle of a heavenly place. I’m listening to Rain into Water right now!  I’m feeling a little sleepy and I have a sudden need to visit the lavatory…

Cleveland clinic stress meditation (99¢)

This app features eight different relaxation techniques to help you feel more in control of your emotions, help you live in the present, and reduce the wear and tear stress causes on your body. The guided stress meditations include:

  • Body Scan Relaxation
  • Self-confidence Meditation
  • Guided Imagery Meditation
  • A Calm Mind Meditation
  • Letting Go Meditations
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Miracle Around Us Meditation

I have to say that I love this app. I’m always interested in thinking about things in a different way, and that’s what these meditations do for me. My favorite one is A Calm Mind Meditation because really?  My workday is nutso. I need a calm mind. 

Serenity now!

Breathe2Relax (Free)

Has anyone ever told you to take a deep breath?  This app literally walks you through diaphragmatic breathing with instructions and practice exercises to help you learn how to control your breath so you can chill out. It really does work. You know that feeling you get when you’re really stressed out and you get a knot in your stomach?  This eliminates that muscle tension and makes you feel better. Of course, a nice shot of whiskey will do the same thing, but that’s not always appropriate, iPhone Life-ers.

iShatter (99¢)

And if all this new age-y meditation stuff doesn’t do it for you and you just need to break some stuff, iShatter is just what the doctor ordered. You might hesitate to spend a buck on this one, but just think of all the money and grief you’ll save yourself when you virtually send a TV crashing to the floor instead of your real one at home. You can avoid the hard, disapproving stare from your wife after you’ve hurled a vase across the room too (not that any of us would ever lose control of our tempers like that…). And if you have it out for one person in particular who’s giving you grief, you can shatter a picture of them.

It’s a smashing good time! 

I hope all of you stressed out folks go off and try a couple of these apps today.

Stress is horrible for our bodies and can cause all kinds of health issues. De-stress and be healthy, iPhone Life-ers!

If any of you have tried a stress relief app that you think is worth giving a whirl, please share it with us below!

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