5 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website in 2017

In a digital world complete with fast-moving technology and trendy apps, there aren't many constants when it comes to online mediums. New hotspots and methods come and go every year but one thing still remains true in 2017: Your website is STILL your brand's best and often first impression In the era of the Snapchat and the Live video, your business will still be judged immediately and often by what consumers and followers see when they click a link and your site loads up for the first time.

That means that your website can still make or break you, no matter how well you engage with your demographics on other platforms. So how can you put your proverbial best foot forward and make sure that when people visit—they stay? It may be time for a makeover! Don't quite know what that means? Well, of course, we've got you covered. This is what we do!

Here are some key elements to pay attention to when considering a website redesign:


1. "Are you Ready for Your Closeup?”

Let's start with aesthetic! Now, for some people that may be a bold move – because there are so many elements to a site that it's tough to prioritize which ones should get the most attention. Some people even tend to overlook graphic and visual design elements, thinking that they are LESS important than other aspects. The fact is, the first thing that hooks any consumer, in any industry, is the visuals.

We simply give more attention to the things that we find visually stimulating and appealing. Think of your website's design as an ambassador of your brand's message. If that design is outdated or not cohesive, people will make up their minds very quickly that what you have to say is equally jumbled or expired.


2. Form Follows Function

After your aesthetics catch the eye of potential clients, customers, and followers—they'll actually have to use your site! You don't want to run the risk of losing people because they simply can't find their way around your website. On the other side of the coin, some sites are guilty of overwhelming substance; as they are jam-packed with menus, drop downs, sidebars, and a distracting labyrinth of links.

These days, it's best to go for a more streamlined approach and trust your followers to navigate your site. Make sure that the most important information is super accessible and that pathways can be maneuvered by anyone, from any browser.

(Making sure that you're optimized for mobile is a MUST!)


3. Make Cross-Platforming Work for You

Yes, the website is still the A1 of your online presence, but that doesn't mean that you're other platforms should be relegated beyond the walls of your company's brand base. Think of your website like a hub for all things…YOU—including your social media links, blog, and anywhere else that you have a digital pop-up shop for people to come visit you.

Does your current website have clear callouts to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? All of your platforms are a team and your website is the captain. Make sure that you are using that site to optimize your Follows and Likes in other parts of the Internet. When those things are humming in sync, we call that Web Presence Perfection!


4. SEO – It's All About Standing Out

Speaking of optimization, let's have another little chat about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is more necessary than ever in today's marketing world. Let's face it: there is a lot of general noise out there. Oversaturation makes it difficult to cut through and capture the attention of people perusing search engines like Google. If your site is buried pages and pages after other links to competing brands—your would-be followers may never find you.

That's why well-written SEO copy gets you prime real estate and first audience with those who may be searching for your exact services. The expert use of reporting and keywords can make that difference. There is a balance though, as the keywords used throughout your website can't just be thrown in there with no human element. With the right touch, the site's copy can flow and get you noticed.


5.  We Can Rebuild It—We Have The Technology!

This one is the unsung hero that you didn't know that you needed. In plain language, your website design has to be smooth enough to offer your followers an easy experience with fast accessibility. That goes for both mobile and desktop sites. Have you run analytics on your site to measure of quickly it's moving for your visitors? How quickly are images rendering? Every second counts in a high-speed digital world.

A techno-savvy site also utilizes other apps and services to increase functionality for users. For example: things like Google Maps and Locations services capture the technology being used elsewhere and make it work for your site specifically.

Those are just a few tips for your website redesign project! With 2017 in full effect, now is the perfect time to really take a good look at all the elements of your site and make sure that they're giving you the best chance to represent your brand and deliver your message to the people that need.

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