5 Ways to Thrive Not Just Survive Somehow

Even if you've never seen the AMC television show, The Walking Dead, you've at least heard of it—unless of course you've been hiding out in an RV or on an old farm for a while. We've been talking about it around the water cooler lately and discovered that even though the characters on the show are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse; there are a lot of similarities between that and being a success in business and in life. Here are our favorites.

1) Never get comfortable

As soon as you're comfortable, you've already lost the battle. Always staying on the move and looking for new opportunities or ways to do things will prevent you from becoming too complacent with your current situation. If you're just chillin' in your comfy place, you're going to be walker lunch for sure (zombies are known as 'walkers' on the show, just fyi). Be nimble, be quick and adapt, adapt, adapt!

2) Don't stop learning! Develop mad skills

If you want to survive in business and in life, keep learning new skills. Once you think you know everything there is to know and you're on the bleeding edge, you're already dead. Be willing to learn new things all the time and expand your skill set. You never know when that thing you just added to your bag of tricks will come in handy. Like, say, how to do SEO on your blog posts, or how to shoot an arrow at a walker from 100 yards away.

3) Learn from your mistakes

We all grew up with our parents telling us to learn from our mistakes. This is most certainly true, and we all know it, but some of us are resistant and insist on making the same errors over and over again. However, it's incredibly important to learn from your mistakes, even if it's uncomfortable.

Rick Grimes and his friends do dumb things sometimes. When they were camping out at the farm, they didn't protect themselves well enough. They thought they were safe, but when walkers attacked, they were forced to leave without even time to pack emergency supplies. They vowed not to make the same mistake again, but when they moved into the abandoned prison, they still didn't protect themselves!

If something you did almost gets you eaten, DON'T DO IT AGAIN!

4) Keep your eyes wide open

If you were in a zombie apocalypse situation, would you pay attention to every tiny thing that's going on around you? You bet you would! So why would anyone be unaware of their surroundings? Nobody exists in isolation from others. Whether it's your competitors or your neighbors or the consumer, you've got to keep a watchful eye on trends and behaviors that can play a role in the decisions you make.

Remember the references to wolves during the fifth midseason premiere? There was some graffiti on a fence that said "wolves not far" and some trees in the woods forming the shape of a W in addition to the W's on the heads of some walkers. Why didn't anyone notice this? Not noticing things around you can put you in some serious hot water when somebody is out to get you.

5) Stay with the group

Everyone knows that bad things happen when somebody wanders off alone. This is why it's important to stick with a team you can trust. Make sure everyone is on the same page and that you're all rowing in the same direction. If one person is wandering around doing his or her own thing, it could jeopardize the success of the whole group.

For example, Glen and Nicholas went to start a fire in a recent episode to distract the walkers. Nick couldn't take the pressure and shot himself in the head! Glen grabbed him and fell into a pile of walkers. Not. Good. However, there are some theories about whether or not Glen actually survived and that maybe the guts being ripped from a body at the end of the episode were actually Nick's, which shielded Glen so he could escape. If that's the case, taking a buddy along turned out pretty well, even if the buddy ended up being walker meat. 

However, if it turns out that Glen didn't survive, it's Nick's fault since his suicide put Glen at serious risk. That makes Nick a pretty poor teammate who panicked and acted impulsively, forgetting about helping Glen, giving up and killing both of them in the process. Death(s) could have been prevented if Nick stuck to the plan.

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, please share in the comments below what you you've learned about surviving in business and life from the adventures of Rick Grimes and the gang.

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