Ad Week or Ad Weak?

This week marks the fourth annual celebration of Advertising Week in New York City, and judging by the thorough media coverage, many a reporter walked away with a free bag of conference schwag.

Ad Age covers the five-day, 200-event extravaganza with a touch of cynicism, inviting readers to vote on whether "we need" it or not. Their on-the-scene reporting runs the gamut from discussions on activism in Darfur and consumer-generated advertising to Grey's green initiative, and a general call for fewer panels and more meaningful contributions in the model of Unicef's Tap project.

Ad Week covered the MIXX conference noting the need for teamwork, the power of media agencies and the Person of the Year.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported on what was missing from this year's event, the parade of ad mascots marching down Madison Avenue. Critics charged the display had become too commercial and distracted from the true meaning of Advertising Week. The public was again invited to vote for its favorite ad icon. Past winners have included the Aflac duck and Tony the Tiger.