Apps for Business Networking: Become a Networking Superhero!

*This post originally appeared at iPhone Life where Adam is a featured blogger.

I find myself at quite a few networking events, iPhone Life-ers. By now, I have a pretty decent memory for names and faces, but sometimes, if I’ve met a bunch of people at the same event, I just can’t remember all the details. So, I’ve been looking for a few apps to help me out because it really stinks to fumble desperately to recall who the heck someone is, knowing full well that I’ve met them before. Isn’t that embarrassing?

Luckily, I found some promising looking apps to help me stay organized and keep track of all the people I meet.

This first one is not one that I have tried, but I find the idea of it rather intriguing (and also potentially hilarious). If you’re the super adventurous type and you pride yourself on being able to talk to anybody about anything, then I want you to try the free app for LinkedIn users called LunchMeet.  With it, you can broadcast your lunch availability times and wait for someone within LinkedIn (who is also in the same city) to make a date to meet you for lunch. Just imagine how this might go down. Either the person who shows up is awesome and interesting and can change your life, or they’re fodder for your next favorite cocktail party story. Either way, you win because you’ll have lots to say at your next networking event. I’d just bring my taser in case things get weird or real or real weird.

This one isn’t as much fun as LunchMeet, but then again, few things are. Business cards, love them or hate them, are still alive and kicking in the business world. I personally don’t like them because they clutter my pockets and then my desk. A great solution to that problem is WorldCard Mobile. It’s a little pricey at $6.99 but it’s worth it. This app is neat because it scans in business cards and translates the information on them into a digital contact. It even recognizes the difference between fax and phone numbers—even when it’s in shorthand. You can then edit and add information as you wish. Now you can burn those stacks of cards you’ve accumulated as fuel for heat during the zombie apocalypse.  What? I don’t like to waste things. People pay good money for those.

If you’re someone who’s new to networking, INTRO is kinda cool because it helps you connect with people nearby who have the skills you’re looking for. Using information from your current networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, you can create a customized list of the most relevant business people near you. Then you can choose whom you’d like to connect with.

Similar to INTRO, This last one is also pretty cool. Herematch uses location based services to help you make new business connections from where you are right now. Let’s say you’re at a seminar, networking group, trade show or conference, Herematch is pretty simple to use. Just fill out your profile (the more you fill out, the more matches you’ll generate) and then check in when you arrive at events. Herematch will display a list of people in the room that might be a “match” for you. This person may be looking for a job, may have graduated from the same college as you, or perhaps they provide services you’re interested in. You can then call, text, or email them to set up a time to meet. The only drawback is that the people at the conference have to also be using Herematch, however, the app will notify your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook contacts of your location when you check in, so people will still know where you are even if they’re not using Herematch.

So that’s it, iPhone Life-ers. Use these apps and your networking woes will be over! 

Someday I’ll work up the courage to try LunchMeet, but until then, if somebody gives it whirl, you need to tell me how it went immediately!

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