Is Your Logo Social?

16 November 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

We know this might seem like a little nitpicky issue to some of you, but is your logo social media friendly?


Niche Social Networks and You. And People Who Love Mustaches.

19 October 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

We know what you’re thinking.

“Not another social networking project! You’re killing us here, GLAD WORKS!”

We know you’re probably kind of sick of hearing “social media this” and “social media lalala,” but we would be remiss if we didn’t talk to you about how integrating a niche network into your social media mix might help you out. “Never be remiss” is our motto, among other things, so we have to mention it.

But what in the name of social media is a niche network? 


Fashion Blogs: Like Thor and His Mighty Hammer, but With Cuter Shoes

21 September 2011   Kristen     2 Comments

People are always asking us how powerful a branding tool blogs can be, so today you get your answer people!  Perhaps the best example of this power can be found in the popularity of fashion blogs and the bloggers who write them. They are r-e-d HAUTE right now!

As you know, we here at GLAD WORKS are quite the Fashionistas. To that end, we’ve always got our eyes on the new hotness—in August we were even platinum sponsors of StyleWeek Providence, an organization dedicated to showcasing emerging and established fashion designers from the New England area.


Oh, Grow Up Already! How Mature is YOUR Social Media Campaign?

27 July 2011   Kristen     2 Comments

We recently came across this nifty “social maturity scale” created by Forrester, a super cool technology and marketing research company. The scale is based on a ton of research and a survey of 95 different companies to answer the question “What’s the roadmap that organizations follow in adopting social media?”

Oh, stop yawning. You know we’re going to make this fun for you!


What’s All the Fuss over Google+?

20 July 2011   Kristen     1 Comments

If you’ve been conscious anytime within the last couple of weeks, chances are you’re sick of hearing about Google+ and that’s too bad because we’re talking about it too. But don’t go away, dear readers. We made this blog just for you! 

A lot of the reviews we’ve read just gush about how wonderful and amazing Google+ is and how it will solve all of our social networking problems and probably maybe even bring about world peace. To this we say…really?  How could anything ever be that amazing?


When You’ve Got Klout, You Own the Universe! (Or at least Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Anyway)

22 June 2011   Kristen     2 Comments

Last week we promised you an explanation of Klout scores, so here it is GLAD WORKS friends!


Charlie Sheen Reads Our Blog (No Question). WINNING!!

16 June 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

Last week we got all excited talking about Twitter and how to manage your followers to following ratio, when it dawned on us that we should probably shut our pie holes and let you get on with your day because we’re super considerate like that.

So, we saved our discussion on followers/following and Klout scores (which we’ll explain later for those of us who have yet to be initiated) for today since not only should you be cleaning out your Twitter feed, you sometimes need to keep yourself in check.


Why Are You Following Me? Wait. Why Am I Following You?

08 June 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

Have you looked at your Twitter feed and wondered “who the heck are these people, and why are they following me…wait a minute…why am I following them?”

You have?

Well, you’ve come to the right place today!

Every once in a while, you have to go into your Twitter account and do a little cleaning up. Just like the rooms in your house, your Twitter feed tends toward chaos, and somehow you wind up following someone who spams you to death, or someone who posts the most inane details of their existence every thirty nine seconds.


The GLAD WORKS Guide to Keeping Your Kiss Cover Band a Secret

01 June 2011   Kristen     4 Comments

If you’re like so many people we know, you started your personal Twitter and Facebook accounts before you ever thought of doing the same for your business, and now you’re in quite a pickle because you’ve got clients/customers/colleagues mixed in there with birthday wishes from your Aunt Betty and pictures of you in your Kiss cover band outfit and All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose.



25 May 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

We should be ashamed of ourselves for writing such a silly title!

But there it is.  It’s too late to change it now.