Cool Stuff From Around the Web

We find so many great things around the web that we'd like to share with you,  so we've gathered a list of some recent blog posts and articles that really stood out to our team.  Enjoy! 

Andre: These are some really amazing images that have not been photoshopped!  Except #15. Somebody photoshopped her arms.  Just saying. Which one is your favorite?

Becky: I follow @dkny on Twitter and find her story really amazing...she was anonymous for a long time and finally “came out” on YouTube. Check out her story at the New York Times!

Gina:I think it’s really cool how the show “The Voice” integrates what the judges are tweeting during the show... It appears on the bottom of the screen when they tweet. It’s often really funny banter between the judges as they're fighting over the contestants! It’s a cool integration of social media into main stream primetime! Click here to learn more about the show!

Kristen: This one is from I Can Has Cheez Burger.  I know, I know, it's a Lolcat, but it's super cute!  Cats, illustrating the personalities of different fonts.  How can you resist?

Feel free to tell us which ones you liked the most!  We've got a little healthy competitioin going as to who found the coolest thing!

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