Cool Stuff From The Web

Happy Cool Stuff Friday, GLAD WORKS friends! Even though we've been working hard this week on some very important projects, a few of us have managed to take a moment to share our favorite findings with you! Enjoy!

Brett: This site had us pretty well entertained the other day. It's got a list of holidays for every day of the year and some of them are totally absurd! My birthday is "Penguin Awareness Day."  Liz's is "Grab Some Nuts Day" and Kristen's is "Chocolate Pudding Day." What's yours?

Brittany: Remember the sound of a VHS tape being sucked into a VCR, or a modem connecting to the Internet? Take a little trip down not-so-distant memory lane at the Museum of Endangered Sounds. It'll take you back to the good ol days...

Kristen: As a copywriter at an ad agency, naturally I'm fascinated by Mad Women by Jane Mass. It's a first hand account of what it was like to be a female copywriter on Madison Avenue during the Mad Men era.  It's written with a sense of humor and amazing recall. I think everyone should read it!

Also, what Liz said. I want that door!

Liz:  This cat executes a perfect chimney descent. Nicely done!

I WANT this stained glass door made of Pantone swatches. Badly. 

The Volkswagen Bug Run takes me back to college! At Earlham College  we had an annual cockroach race in my dorm called the Bundy 500. It was a little more... low fi than VW’s version.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am! I have been saving my #4 takeout lids for 2 years, awaiting this news. In the bin they go!

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