Cool Stuff From The Web

Andre: This is a really fun site.  You can upload an image and it provides you with lots of funny templates to put the image in.  It's not really photoshop, but that's the idea.  

Brittany: The hottest color for lab coats this summer is...WHITE!  Go check out OMGScience! for some good, clean, nerdy fun!

I'm also loving this DIY website.  If I ever find the time, I'm totally going to start making my own stuff! I should maybe get off the Internet...HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Yeah.

Kristen: I'm not sure I'd want to live in this mushroom pod house, but it's pretty cool to look at.  The architect was inspired by Queen Anne's Lace. You know, those flowers that look all lacy and pretty until you pick one and realized there's ants all over it?  I wonder if the house has an ant problem too...

Liz:  When there’s no price tag, you know you can’t afford it... But if I could I would get chairs made of my name in a tertiary color like orange-yellow.  LIZ Chairs!

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