Elements of Great Packaging Design

While we were deciding what to write about this week, Adam said he was in the mood for something light and fluffy which made Juli think of pancakes which made Emily think of food and packaging design, and so here we are. The creative process at work AND a blog post about pretty boxes of marvelous things that make us want to buy them. BAM!

Have you ever found yourself food shopping (or wine shopping!) and buying a product just because the package was cool or unique in some way? This happens to us on the GLAD WORKS team for sure since a cleverly designed package seriously pushes our design nerd buttons.

Take this bottle of almond milk, for example. Who wouldn't want to buy that cool looking vessel? Standing next to the other square, bland looking almond milk containers, this one just screams "BUY ME! I am as delicious as I am beautiful!" And what would happen if Oreo cookies still came in their original packaging? They would be even more tempting to buy than they are already! People would be all, "I don't care if cookies aren't healthy. Look at this awesome container!"

Package design is huge these days as companies are realizing it can do a lot to increase sales. In fact, a package is often the first point of contact a consumer has with a product, so a cool package could persuade someone to try your product even if they have never heard of it before. This makes carefully considered packaging one of the most important elements to think about when launching or re-launching a product. No matter how amazing your product may be, crummy packaging can keep it on the shelf without getting a second glance.

There are a few very important things to think about when considering package design:

1) Packaging should support your brand message

What is your brand's personality? There are a ton of ways to convey this through things like typeface, color, texture, shapes and copy. Great design combines all of these elements to tell a story about your brand and the product in question. It also helps a product pop off the shelf and into the shopping basket.

2) Packaging helps determine price

When we pick up a fancy looking package, most of us immediately assume it's going to be more expensive than the other options. Once we've made those assumptions, we look at the price tag to determine if the product is worth the money or not. The price will either turn us off or we'll pay it anyway thinking that if the packaging is so super, the product within must also be the best. If your packaging is awesome, you can charge more for your product.

3) What is the package made of?

When considering what type of substrate or material your package is made of, you have to determine how durable it needs to be, but also what will resonate with your target market. For example, if your product is gracing the shelves at Whole Foods, you're going to want to make sure the packaging is made of sustainable, eco-friendly materials because that's what that demographic would expect.

Your packaging is your last and biggest chance to persuade a consumer to buy your product. Make sure it represents your brand well and stands out on the shelf, making it irresistible to the eyes and minds of consumers.

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