Fun Stuff Friday!

It's been a glorious 4th of July week, hasn't it? Most of you were probably on vacation, but we here at GLAD WORKS were hard at work on all of your projects, plus we found some fun stuff for you today.

Please enjoy!

Andre:  If you've ever wondered how they make fast food look soooo delicious in photos, this is the post for you!  It's a behind the scenes video at a fast food photo shoot. Say cheeseburger!

Becky: With all the unsettled weather we've been having with pop up thunder storms followed by rainbow making sunshine, I can't help but think of this classic viral video.

Brett: This ad has a suprise ending you'll never expect, which makes for a very powerful message! Applying makeup can kill you!

Brittany: Remember when you couldn't call your friend because they were online?  My parents had to get me my own phone line so I wouldn't tie up theirs with the computer. You can re-live that all kinds of 90's problems with this meme.

Kristen: Here's a really funny twist on the classic pin-up girl photos. I present you with Men-ups! Don't worry, it's totally safe for work!

Matt: Anyone see the trailer for Craigslist Joe? I'm actually really looking forward to seeing this. Social media can open you up to a lot of opportunities. Craigslist Joe takes it one step further, by using it as his lifeline for 30 days.

Happy Friday everyone!

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