Fun Stuff Friday!

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! This week we have fire that changes colors, some really cool social media feeds and a printer that prints coffee. Yup. You're just going to have to read on to find that one! Every submission from the GLAD WORKS team is equally delectible, so drink it in, and enjoy every drop.



It's campfire season, kids! What better way to keep your little ones entertained by the fire than by changing the color of the flames? They'll think you're mmmmagical! But really, you just read this cool article. 



Virtual reality painting is a thing of the future! I think I would never take the goggles off if I had a virtual reality paintbrush that let me walk through my own artwork!



These five social media users use their feeds to generate awareness and inspire strong and engaged followers for their causes. They leverage the power of social media to provide the rest of the world with illuminating photos. Some are heartbreaking, some are breathtaking, but all of them are fascinating and important.



I just stumbled upon a coffee printer and I'm geeking out over it. First 3-d printers went mainstream...  now we have coffee printers? What a time to be alive!



Its cool to see other work spaces, but nothing beats the fun open space of GW :)



This is a very nspiring talent show video in which a student flips an open water bottle in the air and makes it land perfectly without spilling a drop. You have to see it to believe it.



Now this is poetic! I love the idea of secret messages becoming visible when wet. 

My 11 year old (OK, me, too) was disappointed, too, but is this really necessary? The Internet can be a wooly place sometimes.


What fun stuff did you see on the Internet this week, GLAD WORKS friends?

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