The Greatest Show on Earth: CES 2013!

* This post originallly appeared at iPhone Life where Adam is a featured blogger.

Sadly, iPhone Life-ers, I did not get to go. This is totally my thing, too.  I love me some techie geek gadgets! But, I’m reduced to living vicariously through the Internet and I have to say that there are some really fun things coming our way! 

Here are a few of my favorites. 


I don’t personally own any Fitbit products because I haven’t been terribly impressed by them yet.  I’ve preferred Up by Jawbone instead, but I have to admit that the Fitbit Flex is starting to step up to the plate.  The Flex is a wristband-style tracker, similar to Up by Jawbone and Nike+ Fuelband.  You can wear it all the time—even while sleeping.  In fact, it has a nice little sleep tracker that will even vibrate to wake you up in the morning.  I’m still sticking with my tried and true, but perhaps one day I’ll give the Fitbit Flex a whirl.

Internet enabled stuff!

Belkin has already launched a series of Internet-connected gadgets that enable home automation with it’s WeMo product line.  One of their cool gadgets lets you turn an outlet switch on and off from your phone so you can control things at home from your phone.

Now Belkin is hoping other brands will start including this technology on their houseware brands so that consumers will be able to start their home appliances from their smartphones.

HzO WaterBlock™

Remember how excited I was about my Aquabox? Well this could be the next bit of awesomesauce to come our way!  HzO coats the phone with a nano-polymer, which makes it very resistant to spills and long dunks.  Even an iPhone with exposed ports can take a bath and keep on texting!

This could be the best thing since ever, you guys!

Another company called Liquipel has the same technology.  No word yet on whether one is better than the other, but I’m dying to try either one!  Next vacation, you guys.  Next vacation…

Hapilabs’ Digital Fork

This last one is really just for fun.  Let me ask you, iPhone Life-ers.

Do you feel like you eat too fast?  Well, thanks to Hapilabs Hapifork you can break that habit!  Every time you bring food from your plate to your mouth, the fork pays attention. If you’re eating too fast, it VIBRATES!  So, let’s say you’re eating and you go to take a bite too fast, your fork vibrates and you can’t get the stinkin’ thing into  your mouth! 

I’m going to give you guys a second to get a visual on the hilarity that would ensue before I continue.

Got it?

But really, I think it does have some practical purposes.  Some people eat way too fast and it leads to all kinds of digestive issues.  People who have had certain types of surgery need to eat very slowly, so this could help them out tremendously. Plus, you can bring a few of these to your next dinner party and see who’s hoovering their supper.

I think out of everything, I’m most excited about the new waterproofing technology and the Belkin home automation products.  Have you guys seen anything during your travels around the web from CES 2013 that has you stoked about things to come our way?

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