How To Tell if Your Email Marketing Campaign is Working

We all know that you can't just send emails out all willy nilly without paying attention to how effective they are. Knowing your numbers will go a long way in helping you get the biggest ROI, so you need a way to gauge how you're doing so that you can adjust your strategy based on your stats for maximum impact. Here are our favorite ways to rock it out.

Measuring tools 

The ways in which you measure the success of your campaign will vary a bit depending on your objectives and your audience. For example, not every email campaign is aimed at getting people to buy something, so if that's not your objective, you obviously won't be tracking the revenue brought in by that email. Luckily, there are many ways to measure email success! 

Open rate

Open rate is calculated by dividing the number of opened emails by the total number sent x 100 for a percentage. It tells you if your subject line caught attention and can offer some insight as to how your brand is perceived by your email recipients. However, open rate doesn't paint the full picture. People might open your email, but how many read it and how many took action?

Click-through rate

Arrive at this number by taking the number of clicks and dividing it by the total emails sent x 100 for a percentage. It relates to how many people actually clicked a link in your email. You can learn a lot about how successful and relevant your content is by using this metric.

Conversion rate

Your conversion rate tells you how often people are following through with a call to action/sign-up/purchase from your emails. You can arrive at this number by dividing the number of conversions divided by total emails sent x 100.

Bounce rate 

You can't have a successful email campaign if your emails aren't hitting any inboxes! Make sure you take dead email addresses off your list so they're not bouncing back as invalid. If you have too many that come back undelivered, Internet service providers could classify you as spam.

Overall ROI

This number is your total revenue divided by how much you've spent on your campaign. Take the total dollar amount of additional sales made and subtract the money you invested in your campaign and divide that number by the money you invested in the campaign x 100 to get your overall return on investment.

Email is a very important marketing tool and you can make the most of it. Do everything you can to measure your success and don't get stuck in a rut doing the same thing over and over again. Look at your numbers and adjust your strategy for maximum email success.

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