If Celebrities Were Fonts, What Fonts Would They Be?

We talk a lot about how to use fonts to help you present information in a way that makes sense for your particular project. You may hear us explain the difference between serif and sans serif. We may talk about script and how it should be used sparingly instead of in the body copy. Fonts have different functions and levels of clarity and readability but they also have personalities. All of these things come together to make the role of a font a very crucial one in the success of any design project. Just for fun, we went around the studio and asked the team: If your favorite celebrity were a font, what font would they be? Here is what they said.


Judi Dench is most certainly:


And Meryl Streep is Helvetica because both are over fifty and literally good in anything!



Kim Kardashian or J. Lo, or Iggy Azalea are all interchangeable:



Jim Carrey would definitely be comic sans. He’s quirky, fun and playful!

Comic Sans


Daniel Day Lewis is totally

Abraham Lincoln

no question.


I would peg Keanu Reeves as OCR-A for his role in The Matrix series. 


Also, Michael J. Fox is a good one for Futura.



Gary Busey – wingdings:



Gwyneth Paltrow is certainly something stylish like Modern No. 20:

Modern No. 20

Johnny Depp is:

Bauhaus 93

It has a very specific vibe that's cool and avant garde at the same time. But, Johnny's not my only celebrity boyfriend with a font. I think Colin Firth is Apple Chancery because: Pride and Prejudice. 

The only problem is that he should be in everything and Apple Chancery is one of those fonts you can only use sometimes.

Apple Chancery

Who are your favorite celebrities and what fonts do you think fit them the best, GLAD WORKS friends?


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