If You Like Babies, Running, New People and Pregnant Goats, This Post is For You!

How about a little peek behind the scenes here at GLAD WORKS? We've got some pretty neat stuff going on! There are new team members, great interns, people training for marathons and a baby boom! Are you ready for the excitement and the adorableness that is about to be bestowed upon you? Hold onto your hats because here it comes!

Adam and Gina: Super-Runners Extraordinaire!

As if they don't spend enough time running here and there already at work, in their free time, they RUN! They've been participating in half marathons all over the country and will be doing a half marathon in November and a full marathon at the beginning of the New Year. We're all so proud of their hard work and dedication. Training is hard, but the rewards are worth the pain!

New Faces: Trish and Bayla

GLAD WORKS is growing! We've been so busy lately that we hired two new people to help us keep our high standards for client service hitting the mark. Bayla is our new Account Coordinator and Trish is our new Account Manager.

Interns aplenty!

Welcome design interns Steve and Taylor!

Girl, Boy, Girl

We saved the babies for last because we're cruel like that. We make you wait for your cute overload!

Liz's sweet little Alina Rose Sousa joined the team last June. We enjoy the short videos of her babbling and trying to learn to walk that Liz shares with us. Not only is she adorable, but she's very advanced too. She's already excited that the new iPad pro is coming out soon.

Baby Alina!

Next up is Amie's Stone Foster Raul Simas who was born this June.

Stone Foster Raul Simas

This kid is the biggest cheezer in the history of ever. A photo does not exist when he's not smiling. When he visits the studio, he smiles and smiles and smiles at everyone. If he's anything like his mom, he's going to be a funny guy. He's off to a great start with that smile of his!

Baby Edith Amanda Wells came into the world in August to her proud momma, Mattie.


She is absolute perfection and we are thrilled to have another little GLAD WORKS girl who's going to grow up and take over the world someday. In all, we have 6 girls and 4 boys who form the GLAD kid gang. There is definitely something in the water over here!

And because we consider all the fur babies extended members of the GLAD WORKS team, we can't leave out our expectant mom, Sansa!

Amie's Goat

She and her boyfriend, Tyrion, will add more adorable baby goats to Amie's exquisite farm in February 2016.

So, what's new with you guys?

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