Our Process: A Peek Under the Hood at GLAD WORKS

Here at GLAD WORKS we are quite proud of the way we approach our projects.  We have developed a process that we use in just about everything we do, and at this point, it's so finely tuned that it's every bit as sexy and streamlined as a hot red racecar. Here's a little peek at some of the major points of our process.


Whether we're designing a mobile friendly e-commerce website or a simple postcard, our general work process is similar across all of our services. It's how we get to maximize our time, getting the right things done at the right stages so that projects are finished on time, every time and don't go over budget.

Before any contracts are signed, we make sure we have a very clear picture of what our clients are looking for. That way, all of the project details and pricing are agreed upon and fine-tuned before we even seal the deal because nobody likes surprises.  We don't like them and you don't like them, so we avoid them as much as possible.

Sure, things may change a bit here and there as we move along, but clients are always in the loop and very involved in our process. We see our work with you as collaborative and we want you to give honest feedback. In return, we will be honest with you if we think something is not in your best interest.

Getting to work

Once we've had our kickoff meeting (a meeting in which we do NOT kick you) we get to work on design/copy/photos/web development—whatever the project might be. But we don't race ahead to the finish line after we meet!

We take a few pit stops along the way, checking in with you at key points to make sure we're headed in the right direction before proceeding. Sometimes this step-by-step process seems a little overly cautious, but in the end, it saves a ton of time and money performing edits and guarantees your satisfaction since your are involved in every stage of the project.

Final Approval

When we have produced our final version, we send it over for your review one last time and get your sign off before handing it over to the printer, making a website live, posting a blog post, what have you. We go over it again too, just to make sure it's what we had all envisioned it to be.

We guess you could call us a well-oiled machine!

Zoom, Zoom!

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