PANTONE Announces Cure for PMS!

Pantone recently announced it's launching the PANTONE Goe System, a new color matching system. According to their press release, the new orange cube contains the PANTONE GoeGuide, PANTONE GoeSticks, myPANTONE Palettes,  plus the ability to travel through time. (Company president Richard Herbert asserts that "Just as the original System enabled the industry to step into its future, PANTONE Goe will impel designers and printers to stay competitive and versatile in today’s challenging and evolving marketplace.”)

The technology will undoubtedly impact the design world. As CreativePro notes, "it nearly doubles the number of unique colors, adopts a logical naming scheme, and comes with innovative color-palette software." With 2,058 versus 1,114 colors, designers will have more versatility. Converting to RGB will be a breeze (the numbers are right on the guide). This implicit dis against CMYK reflects what Designorati calls the interdisciplinary nature of today's design industry. Macworld describes Goe as "two thousand colors and a fancy cube," and notes that the new system will unlikely replace PMS overnight (sorry for the misleading title) since the PANTONE Matching System has been around for over 40 years, and that sort of thing takes time. However, one can assume that the process will be accelerated this time around when Goe becomes integrated into the new Adobe Creative Suite 4.