Supporting Local Talent Makes You Look Good from Head to Toe!

Since the first caveman picked up his first primitive paintbrush and painted a weird looking animal figure on the inside of a cave, the arts have served as a bridge between people, society, and time. Even in today’s hectic and time starved world, art continues to encourage thought, evoke emotion and spark conversation; in fact, for exactly those reasons, it may be more important than ever before.

Igniting thoughts, emotions, and conversations is also part of what makes a successful business. An amazing product or a great service does just what good art does—make people think, feel, and interact with one another.

Since they have so much in common, it seems like more businesses would understand and support local artists. Sadly, that doesn’t happen very often, GLAD WORKS friends: many businesses don’t think that the arts are relevant, important or beneficial to them.

They couldn’t be more mistaken. Supporting the arts is all of those things! 

GLAD WORKS, as you know, is a big supporter of StyleWeek Providence, a local nonprofit dedicated to creating a successful model of a regional fashion event that economically impacts its designers, sponsors, partners, and employees.

It’s no secret that making it in the world of fashion is very difficult, especially in this economy—no matter how talented a designer may be, they can still use support. And it’s important to do so because after all, if nobody supports fashion designers, we’ll be stuck wearing Cosby Sweaters and re-visiting the same old fashion trends over and over again.

Let’s all make the sign of the cross at Leisure Suits and Stirrup Pants and mullets right. now. shall we?


Anyway, we feel very strongly about supporting local talent, so we thought we’d give you all a little shopping list, if you will, of the local designers we love. We hope you’ll be as excited about them as we are!

Here they are from haute head to stylishly painted toe:

The Pawtucket based designer, Everett Hoag, makes the most amazing custom hats and headpieces imaginable as he bridges the “gap between fashion and performance.”  Through his companies, RIFashion and Fountain Street Creative, he styles events and productions and creates costumes, hats, and headpieces for print ads, fashion shows, and for private clients.

But maybe you’re not in the mood for millinery, or you need the perfect ‘do to go with your awesome new Everett Hoag chapeau. You need Lulu Locks of course! You can schedule an appointment with her at Flipp Salon or at Providence Pin-Up for gorgeousness beyond your wildest imaginings.

Having a wonderful hat and amazing hair doesn’t mean a thing without some BLING!  Check out Martin and Ricci (we just launched their website!  It’s super Sexxxy, right?) for incredible contemporary and classic pieces made specifically to adorn that pretty neck or wrist or finger or nose or earlobes of yours.

Wait!  You can’t leave the house naked, you silly exhibitionist!

We have the perfect folks to help you let your inner fashionista shine through! From eclectic flair to fashion forward, these designers from StyleWeek are some of our favorites.

Sarah Prost

Kara Wickman

Samuel Vartan

Avni Trivedi

Jonathan Joseph Peters

Jessica Abernethy

Jennifer Greeke

For even more designers, see the StyleWeek line up here! They’re all fabulous!

We cannot forget the divine handbag stylings of Andrea Valentini! There’s no better way to carry all your important stuff around. There just isn’t. Go visit her very glamorous website and prepare to be in lust (she’s having a summer sale, just F.Y.I).

Did you guys know that hand-painted is the new black?  It is according to Mallory Musante shoes! Television stars and runway models at New York Fashion Week have all worn her designs. No matter who you are, if you want to wear some seriously cool kicks, you go see Mallory.

As you’ve probably realized by now, it’s not hard for a business (like GLAD WORKS) to develop relationships with local artists. One way we just did it is by networking our clients and contacts together, and, by writing a blog post to showcase some local fashion designers, hopefully sent some prospects their way.

We also do all we can to support those organizations that in turn support the arts. For example, you can do something like donate time or materials to a local theater, or give an artistic association pro bono work on a website or marketing campaign.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter HOW you choose to support, as long as you do. Today, GLAD WORKS chose fashion designers because nobody looks good in neon stirrup pants.



  • Wed, 09/28/2011 - 12:37pm reply

    Damn. Now I have to try to return those neon stirrups, after I've worn them. Thanks a lot.

    • Wed, 09/28/2011 - 12:37pm reply

      I'm sorry we had to be the ones to deliver the news, Chuck. Maybe get some nice jeans or something instead. Give one of these designers a call. They'll hook you up!

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