Wearable Tech is Even More Refreshing than New Socks!

Just when you thought you were up to date on everything now that your website is mobile friendly, think again! Enter wearable tech: the next big thing that marketers are going to be wrapping their heads around in the near future. Don't worry if you're overwhelmed at the thought. Everyone panics a little when some disruptive new technology starts smashing things up, but this is actually a really exciting time. Let's dig in and see what potentially lies ahead. 

It seems like something out of a crazy sci-fi movie, but eventually everything will be embedded with some kind of computer. Maybe even your snazzy new socks. Who knows? Maybe you'll be able to make a cup of coffee appear in front of you just by thinking about it (AWESOME!). Whatever the future holds for us, we have to try to see what's coming and start preparing our ideas now because wearable tech is going to start taking off in a huge way as early as this year.


That said, things will start to take off at a different rate, so depending on what business you're in it's either time to get on it or simply time to think about getting on it.

If you're in the fitness business you already know that technology like the Fuel band or the Fitbit are seriously a thing right now. They capture our daily lives and even gather data about us when we're sleeping. There's even a pair of ski goggles that displays speed, altitude and descent within the field of view so that you can see your data while wearing them.

If people are wearing things that have computing power, then those things can be sent messages that can impact consumer behavior. You can see the potential for marketers here, can't you? 

Let's say for example that you're skiing down a mountain and you're getting cold and tired when an advertisement for a nice cup of hot chocolate pops into your field of vision through your ski goggles. We bet that once you get to the bottom of the mountain, you'll be bellying up to the snack bar at the ski lodge in a flash.

Extra whipped cream on that bad boy? Heck yes!

Imagine if you could plant a seed like that in your customer's mind. The potential for such things is really exciting.

Marketing is already going through very huge shifts due to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, so it can be easy to ignore this next new tech category that is still in its very early stages. But if you don't at least prepare for it by thinking about it as something to consider, you'll be behind the curve when wearable tech starts taking over the way smartphones have done.

Our advice to you for now is to keep it on your horizon and when you're ready, we can start with small, low-risk experiments to help us answer some questions about how this is going to play out with your demographic. With wearable tech, consumers are going to develop different expectations. Combine those with new data on what those expectations are and you can see how wearables have an incredible ability to take us in exciting new directions!

We are super excited to see where this is going to take us, but let there be no doubt that we will all be talking about marketing strategies for wearables soon.

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